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After long silence, poetry news from here and there:

* My new poetry manuscript, Things Being What They Are, has been long-listed for the 2017 Sexton Prize. That's about as much as I can say at the moment, and it's unbearably exciting!

* I have a new poem out in Barking Sycamores. It went live in June, but I forgot to mention it.

* I'm the new SFPA Treasurer.  Most of you probably caught this news on Facebook or Twitter.

My Jul/Aug16 & Jan/Feb17 Strange Horizons acceptances + pub dates:

3/6/2017 Small Insects and Their Place Among Main Sequence Stars - Juanjo Bazán
3/13/2017 Concerning Boston's Haunted Subways - Konner Jebb
3/20/2017 If I Told You - Gabriel Noel
3/27/2017 Last Time - José González Vargas
4/3/2017 The Day After We Saved the City - Rose Victor
4/10/17 Iris - T.D. Walker
4/17/17 Explorers - Ethan Chua
4/24/17 The Sign of the King - Mary Soon Lee
5/1/17 [One of Sonya's past acceptances will run in this slot.]
5/8/17 I Fight Monsters - Richard Ford Burley
5/15/17 How to Breathe On Venus - Symantha Reagor
5/22/17 Time to Want - E. Kristin Anderson
5/29/17 Hot - Cislyn Smith
6/5/17 The Monster-Maker's Bride - Meera Jhala
6/12/17 Hullabaloo in Thambapani - Rushda Rafeek
6/19/17 Love, the Time Machine, Love Again - Duke Kimball
6/26/17 Ocean Heart - Maddie Phelps
7/3/17 The Slowest Way to Hades - Jungmin Kim
7/10/17 Boys On Bikes - Valya Lupescu
7/17/17 Beast - Jenny Blackford

Concern re: removal of a 2017 Rhysling Award nomination

ETA, 1/25/17: Yes, what you read in the final sentence of this entry, and more explicitly in the comments, is correct.  I'm running for SFPA Treasurer.  I'd been planning on making a bid at getting involved since spring of last year.  My M.F.A. program and teaching fellowship kept me busy till June 2016, but now that I've relocated and settled into my new employment, I can act on said plans.

ETA, 1/18/17: With regard to the below, Tlotlo's poem was reinstated as a nomination today.  Many thanks to all of you who signal-boosted this, offered thoughtful commentaries, and helped to shift the outcome.  I'm exhausted and have been in and out of clinic, hospital, and pharmacy waiting-rooms all evening.  I've had a severe cough for almost four weeks; it seems I was misdiagnosed at first.  Hopefully I'm on the correct medications now!  Anyway, sorry for the belated info; other people's posts got updated before mine.

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Le Mont

My 2016/2017 Rhysling-Eligible Poems:

"Outbound," "Oblivious," and "The Calm Before"; Belmont Story Review, Spring 2016

"XX/XY," Mythic Delirium, June 2016

"Jellyfish" and "Out of Water," Liminality, Issue 8.

"Augur Effect," Spelling the Hours, Stone Bird Press, July 2016.

"Sargasso Sea," Remixt: Volume 1, September 2016.

"Widening Gyre," Not a Drop anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2016.

Two Poems ("Nothing Goes Away" and "Ace of Spades"), New England Review of Books, November 2016.


The full texts of these will be available soon on the SFPA website; in the meantime, if you want me to send you the file, please drop me a FB message, LJ private message, or email.
Tea in blue

Much-Belated Summer 2016 Publications Round-Up:

"XX/XY," Mythic Delirium, June 2016

"Jellyfish / Out of Water," Liminality, Issue 8.

"Augur Effect," Spelling the Hours, Stone Bird Press, July 2016.

"Sargasso Sea," Remixt Magazine (forthcoming)

"Widening Gyre," [Title TBA], Beautiful Dragons Press (forthcoming)


An update on my present location, too, which I may or may not have mentioned: I moved from Boston to Albuquerque in July. I'm now working for the Honors College at University of New Mexico. I plan on making a locked post to explain some of the reasons for this drastic geographic shift. I've been in transition due to some more upheaval, about which some of you already know. Thanks for your patience. I've kept up with my just-ended reading period at Strange Horizons without disruption, so I'll be posting my acceptances here.

Fingernail-Hold On Reality

I've updated my previous post with links to the pieces that were previously forthcoming.  There's new poetry to be had now, in link form.  Two are books (anthologies) that you can buy!

I'm two weeks into the final course requirements of this Teaching Fellowship / MFA Program, and I can honestly say I haven't had this much work since I was an undergraduate at Wellesley.  15 in-class hours per week (2 classes that meet twice a week each, back to back in the same classroom), 200-300 pages of reading per week, and already more mini-papers and in-class writing sessions (plus two presentations and two longer papers to come, all by June 30th) than I can count.  I can see why a three-semester MFA has advantages over a traditional four-to-six-semester MFA program, but between June 1st and June 30th, I'm being run ragged.

I use Twitter a lot more these days than I used to.  I think I've finally figured out how to be a useful, if not interesting, tweeter.  Or at least I hope I am.  There was a time when I used to update this blog religiously (i.e. back when I was an undergraduate, and even a little ways into my first go-round in graduate school), but I seriously think I forget how to be a useful blogger.  If I were to resurrect this blog once my term here at BU is up, what kinds of topics would you like to see me cover?  As many of you know, I'm best at blogging when I have questions to answer.  Otherwise, I just don't know what to talk about because there is, literally, too much to talk about.

(And it pains me that I don't feel safe talking specifically on social media right now about what's going on in my life.  Many of you know how difficult it's been since March, but private discourse is the best I can do for now.)