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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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A.J. Odasso

Anthologies, Chapbooks, & Collections

Devil's Road Down, Maverick Duck Press, September 2009.

Lost Books, Flipped Eye Publishing, April 2010.

Wanderlust, Maverick Duck Press, June 2011.

The Dishonesty of Dreams, Flipped Eye Publishing, August 2014.

The Sting of It, Tolsun Books, Summer 2019 (FORTHCOMING)


"The Damage Done," "One If by Land," and "Not Eden"; Strong Verse, Autumn 2005.

"Meanings," Aesthetica, August/September/October 2006.

"Objectified," hum-drum, Issue 2, June 2007.

"Waking in the Old World" and "Cartography for Beginners," Succour, Issue 6.

"River Girl," Sybil's Garage, Issue 5.

"Four Last Things," Farrago's Wainscot; Volume 2, Part 6.

"The Word for Love," The Liberal, Summer 2008.

"Diptych," elimae, August 2008.

"Bradbury on Writing," "Where to Begin," "Death Would Like to Say," "Night Riding," "Push," and "Iconoclast"; Focus, Winter 2008.

"River Girl Running," "Where to Begin," "Battle Hymn," and "Thou Shalt Not"; The Exhibitionists anthology, Stairwell Books, 2008.

"Journeying," Mythic Delirium, Issue 20.

"Firstborn," The Green Man Wakes anthology, Stairwell Books, 2009.

"Iconoclast," Under the Radar, Issue 3, June 2009.

"Staying Power," Royal Shakespeare Company Love Poetry Competition [17-30 Age Group], Spring 2009.

"What I Can Get," "What It Is," and "Unbound"; Ouroboros Review, Issue 3.

"Cradle Song," Jabberwocky, Issue 4.

"Moving Shakespeare's Bones," Snakeskin, Issue 157.

"The Siren" and "The Poetess," Daydream, Issue 7.

"Cry Wolf," Cabinet des Fées, Issue 8.

"Queen of May," Not One of Us, Issue 42.

"Eye for an Eye" and "Bluff," The Houston Literary Review, October 2009.

"Interment," Fear and Trembling, November 2009.

"Fugitives," "Inner Compass," and "Blue Stars"; Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, November 2009.

"Five Secret Selves" and "The Monsters of Notre-Dame," Midnight Echo, Issue 3.

"For Her Art," "Nocturne at Vence," "Ruth at the Feet of Boaz," and "Lovers' Crescent"; Chantarelle's Notebook, November 2009.

"Changeling" and "Grave Goods," Poetic Diversity, December 2009.

"Tomorrow Never Comes Until," Orbis, Issue 159, December 2009.

Other Voices International Poetry Project, December 2009.

"Storms," Chroma, Issue 11 (Spring 2010).

"What They Know," Goblin Fruit, Winter 2010.

"The Ghosts of Moody Street," Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 85.

"Three Nightmares," Illumen, Spring 2010.

"Vision," Dark Mountain, Issue 1.

"The Second Wife," Mythic Delirium, Issue 22.

"Goldilocks, Twenty Years On"; Star*Line, March 2010.

"Martyrs' Tales," Star*Line, May 2010.

"The Hyacinth Girl," Sybil's Garage, Issue 7.

"Five Times I Lived by Water," Blossombones, Summer 2010.

"The Ghosts of Moody Street" (reprint), The 2011 Rhysling Anthology, Spring 2011.

"Tell No Tales," Midnight Echo, Issue 5.

"Dreamer," Jabberwocky, Issue 5.

"Mantra," Dark Mountain, Issue 2.

"The Book of Drowned Things," Strange Horizons, 19 September 2011.

"Dreamless," The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife anthology & exhibition, Young Pines, December 2011.

"Persephone, Trapped"; Star*Line, 35.1.

"Parallax," Stone Telling 7, February 2012.

"The Hyacinth Girl" (reprint), The Moment of Change, May 2012.

"Spell," Goblin Fruit, Spring 2012.

"Skin & Paper" and "The Still Point of the Turning World," Mandragora, Scarlet Imprint, May 2012.

"Returning Song," Strange Horizons, 4 June 2012.

"What They Called Me," Goblin Fruit, Summer 2012.

"Dreamscape" and "Fighter," Dark Mountain, Issue 3.

"Stone Ghost," inkscrawl, Issue 4.

"Namesakes," "Pompeii," and "Epilogue"; Pressed by Unseen Feet anthology, Stairwell Books, September 2012.

"Ink Archaeologist," Through the Gate, Issue 1.

"You (and the Sea)," Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 93.

"Tables Turned," Stone Telling, Issue 8.

"The Book of Drowned Things" (reprint), Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry, November 2012.

"Blue Stars" (reprint) and "Undertow," Loose Muse Anthology, Autumn 2012.

"Letters to Lost Friends & Imaginary Lovers" and "Carnal Knowledge"; Strong Verse, 26 / 27 November 2012.

"Fairy Beekeeper," Strange Horizons, 31 December 2012.

"Parallax" and "The Still Point of the Turning World" (reprints), The 2013 Rhysling Anthology, Spring 2013.

"Terce(t)," inkscrawl, Issue 5.

"Shipwrecked," Not One of Us, Issue 49.

"Watershed," Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 95.

"Two Tongues," "Pushing Atlantis," and "Rigel"; Dark Mountain, Issue 4.

"Fallout," inkscrawl, Issue 6.

"Ivy," Not One of Us, Issue 50.

"Heaven & Earth," Niteblade, December 2013.

"Ivy," "Rigel," and "Heaven & Earth" (reprints), The 2014 Rhysling Anthology, Spring 2014.

"Queen of Cups," inkscrawl, Issue 7.

"The Archer's Daughter," Heavenly Bodies anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press.

"The Memory-Thief" (co-authored w/Dom Parisien), Ideomancer 13:2.

"Equinox" and "Before Reading," How Am I Doing for Time? anthology, Sept 2014.

"The Word for Love," Liminality #1.

"Vow," Not One of Us, Issue 52.

"Orbital," Farrago's Wainscot, Issue 13.

"Fragment" and "Ivy" (reprint), The Battersea Review, January 2015.

"Plague Year," Barking Sycamores, Spring 2015.

"Skin & Paper" (reprint) and "The Still Point of the Turning World" (reprint), XIII, Resurrection House Press, February 2015.

"Your last word on earth," Star*Line 38.2.

"Your last word on earth" (reprint), "Handle With Care," "Brief History I," "Second Lives," "Winter Sun," "Brief History II," "What My Mother Gave Me," and "Postscript (2012)"; New Crops from Old Fields: Eight Medievalist Poets anthology, Stairwell Books, June 2015.

"Queen of Cups" and "The Memory-Thief" (reprints; latter co-authored with Dominik Parisien), The 2015 Rhysling Anthology, Spring 2015.

"Bone-House," Liminality, Issue 4.

"Red Wire," "Monsters," and "Slipknot," SWAMP #17.

"Transition Metal," My Dear Watson: Elemental Poetry, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2015.

"Red Wire," "Monsters," and "Slipknot" (reprints); Tiny Moments, ed. David Pring-Mill, March 2016

"Plague Year," Barking Sycamores: Year One, ed. V. Solomon Maday and N.I. Nicholson, Spring 2016

"Outbound," "Oblivious," and "The Calm Before"; Belmont Story Review, Spring 2016

"XX/XY," Mythic Delirium, June 2016

"Jellyfish" and "Out of Water," Liminality, Issue 8.

"Augur Effect," Spelling the Hours, Stone Bird Press, July 2016.

"Sargasso Sea," Remixt: Volume 1, September 2016.

"Widening Gyre," Not a Drop anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2016.

Two Poems ("Nothing Goes Away" and "Ace of Spades"), New England Review of Books, November 2016.

"Systems Inertia," A Bees' Breakfast anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, May 2017.

"The Devil in Boston," Barking Sycamores, Issue 12.

"Radiant Things," A Bees' Breakfast anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2017.


Prose & Short Fiction

"Liberty," Behind the Wainscot, 2006.

"In Every Place That I Am," Ruins Terra anthology, Hadley Rille Books, September 2007.

"Answer Me," Needles and Bones anthology, Drollerie Press, June 2009.

"Lady of the Lake," Expanded Horizons, October 2009.

"Paris, After"; Thaumatrope, November 2009.

Edgar Allan Poe: Collected Works (Introduction), Canterbury Classics, November 2011.

"The Words, the Walls, and the Weaver's Son," Between the Shores, The New Smut Project, March 2015.

"Feet of Clay," HIDDEN YOUTH anthology, Crossed Genres, November 2016.

"We Come Back Different," Pulp Literature Issues 17 & 18, Winter 2018

Classic Works from Women Writers (Introduction), Canterbury Classics, October 2018.

"Being the Dictionary," Knowing Why: Adult-Diagnosed Autistic People on Life and Autism anthology, ASAN Autistic Press, October 2018.

Features & Interviews

March 2008: Featured on Writers & Their Soundtracks

October 2009: Featured on One Night Stanzas

October 2009: Featured on Chantarelle's Notebook

December 2009: Featured on Poetic Diversity

April 2010: An Interview with Adele Cosgrove-Bray

March 2011: Guest Post at Savvy Verse & Wit

April 2012: Savvy Verse & Wit National Poetry Month Blog Tour

January 2013: 2012 Poetry Recommendations by Editors

Strange Horizons Roundtable, February 2014: Defining Speculative Poetry—A Conversation and Three Manifestos

March 2015: Poetry Has Value Interview Series—A.J. Odasso, Senior Poetry Co-Editor at Strange Horizons

April 2015: S.C. Flynn at Scy-Fy interviews A.J. Odasso (Strange Horizons)

Wellesley Writes it, August 2015: An Interview with Poet/Editor A.J. Odasso ‘05

Strange Horizons Roundtable, September 2016: Our Queer Roundtable

Boston University Creative Writing Program Blog Feature: A.J. Odasso publishes third book, The Sting of It


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