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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First two writing sales of 2017 + reading project
Tea in blue
A new poem, "Origin Story," will be published in Dreams & Nightmares 106 (May), and a new essay, "Being the Dictionary," will be published in an as-yet-untitled anthology of pieces by adult-diagnosed autistic individuals from ASAN (November).

I don't know how many of you who don't follow me on Facebook had explicitly registered this, but I recently moved from Boston, MA to Albuquerque, NM. Six months is, to me, not that long. Once the divorce was finalized in July (already covered in both a previous post and on FB: how James turned out to be a bigoted, cheating, emotionally abusive egomaniac), I relocated for a couple of reasons. One, my dad and stepfamily have lived out here for over a decade, and two, I got a job offer at University of New Mexico.

Not all of my belongings came with me at first, as I had to move on very short notice for both work and personal-safety reasons, but I recently got back all of my books, my two beautiful Peshawar rugs, and my framed artwork, nearly all of which are originals by various of my talented friends. Unpacking and going through my books has meant realizing that there are a number of them, mostly accrued during my hectic Fellowship-and-M.F.A.-year at Boston University, that I haven't even gotten around to reading:

The Middle Ages in Popular Culture
Chaucer's (Anti-)Eroticisms and the Queer Middle Ages
Language and Imagination in the Gawain-Poems
Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking
The Fifty Year Sword
Breaking Bad: Critical Essays on the Contexts, Politics,
  Style, and Reception of the Television Series
The Forms of the Affects
Snape: A Definitive Reading
Hidden Youth
XIII: Stories of Transformation

(The latter three are anthologies in which I have either short stories or poems, but which I have not gotten around to reading in their entirety.)

The events of 2016 took a lot out of me, by which I mean it's a miracle I've kept up with my obligations as they stand. Frequently, I've even had to pick up responsibilities that aren't mine; I'm not the kind of person who can neglect the duties I've promised to execute in favor of faithful blog updates, not even when I'm already taxed to the breaking-point, so pardon my relatively long absence. Even now, I'm recovering from severe viral bronchitis.

My thought is that, since there are twelve books, I should aim to read and review one per month here in 2017. In the past, I would've attempted a book a week, but the realities of working full-time, writing in my spare time, and going into my fifth year of editing at Strange Horizons make that impossible.  My kingdom for a Time-Turner.

I know better than to say I hope that 2017 brings better, brighter things, because the simple fact of recent political events indicates that, for most people like me and for most of the people I care about most, it probably won't. Instead, I'll say this: I hope it's a year in which the very fact of our continued existence is the ultimate act of defiance.

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I've only read Swordspoint of the lot, but it was pretty great so I hope you'll like it!
(It looks like Lifelode is a rare book to own, I hope it gets an ebook release soon-Jo Walton says it will on goodreads- because it sounds like my cup of tea and I've never heard of it before)

Congrats on the sales!

Swordspoint had been on my to-read list for years, but finding a signed hardcover copy of it at a used book stall is what finally resulted in me picking up a copy. I know there's at least a sequel or two by now. Oddly, I know enough about the characters and the story to have attended panels on it/kept up reasonably well, but I should just read it, finally. I never thought I'd have so many things draining my bandwidth that reading takes a back-seat to everything else, but that's the story of my past four or five years.

Edited at 2017-01-08 11:27 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you're away from James and that you are employed :)

Yay for book challenges!

And have some *hugs*

*hugs back* Thanks.

My immune system couldn't stand up to the past 12 months, that's for sure. About 6 days ago, it went NOPE, and I was down for the count. I hope this won't hang on for much longer.

Thinking of you and wishing you a proudly *and* successfully defiant year!

I'm only just getting started ;)

Thinking of you, too!

Some interesting books there esp. the Middle Ages in Popular Culture book.

Ironically, other reading not listed here has filled my docket to such a point that I have not gotten to this yet. Peple keep lending me things.

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