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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My 2016/2017 Rhysling-Eligible Poems:
Le Mont
"Outbound," "Oblivious," and "The Calm Before"; Belmont Story Review, Spring 2016

"XX/XY," Mythic Delirium, June 2016

"Jellyfish" and "Out of Water," Liminality, Issue 8.

"Augur Effect," Spelling the Hours, Stone Bird Press, July 2016.

"Sargasso Sea," Remixt: Volume 1, September 2016.

"Widening Gyre," Not a Drop anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2016.

Two Poems ("Nothing Goes Away" and "Ace of Spades"), New England Review of Books, November 2016.


The full texts of these will be available soon on the SFPA website; in the meantime, if you want me to send you the file, please drop me a FB message, LJ private message, or email.