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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Recent Publications & Forthcoming Stuff:
Tea in blue
"Red Wire," "Monsters," and "Slipknot" (reprints); Tiny Moments, ed. David Pring-Mill, March 2016

"Plague Year," Barking Sycamores: Year One, ed. V. Solomon Maday and N.I. Nicholson, Spring 2016

"Outbound," "Oblivious," and "The Calm Before"; Belmont Story Review, Spring 2016

"XX/XY," Mythic Delirium, June 2016

"Jellyfish" and "Out of Water," Liminality (forthcoming 2016)

"Augur Effect," Spelling the Hours, Stone Bird Press (forthcoming 2016)


I've been completely remiss in posting here during the course of this Fellowship / MFA year; what I had underestimated is exactly how busy busy would mean. Keeping up with teaching, course-work, Strange Horizons, and Patreon (plus a few other things that mean a lot to me) are about all I've been able to manage. Thanks for your patience!

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I assumed you were really busy--I'd just not anticipated HOW busy! My God, I don't know how you've kept up consistently with all you described going on, as well as anticipating a return to England.

We can wait for you catching up with us whenever you can breathe again. We'll be right here, after all.

Congratulations on all the intensive interest in your poetry!

Unrelated to this post, but: my sister just sent me a link to a short Good Omens fic in which Crowley discovers GO fanfic online, and someone remarks that "irisbleufic" really knows how to write his character. I thought you'd want to know. ;)


Edited at 2016-06-05 05:33 am (UTC)

That did make me smile when I originally saw it; I know that person on a casual online basis. We've talked a lot of Good Omens meta in the last year and change! Not-a-space-alien is, I believe, the person who runs the Incorrect Good Omens Quotes blog on Tumblr. It's hilarious.

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