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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My 2016 Rhysling-Eligible Poems (Pub. in 2015):
"Bone-­House," Liminality #4, Summer 2015 (LINK TO POEM)

Poem Trilogy: "Red Wire," "Monsters," and "Slipknot"; SWAMP #17, September 2015 (LINK TO POEMS)

"Transition Metal," My Dear Watson: The Very Elements of Poetry, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2015

Transition Metal

I learned metals early. My uncle,

a jeweler, garlanded his mother

in gold. My grandmother's rings

held diamond, topaz, and garnet

too costly for words. At nine,

she fitted a circlet, silver, set

with blood-flecked carbon

on my little finger. I grew

till I had to thread it through

that cheap herringbone chain

a hopeful beau gave me. Kiss

girls after sundown and no-one

will see you wear moonlight

where others insist you don sun.

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These are...poignant beyond words. The trilogy of cancer is has such a furious pressure held under tension only by the straining reach for acceptance. The repetition of the imagery of blood and cuts being doors puts a dark energy under the waters of calm.

"Bone House" is an entire scope of a relationship and undercurrent of forever unresolved conflict in only a few words.

But my favorite is "Transition Metal"because it not only shows a clear, strong set of images but those also call up a sense of time and place that lends a rich history. Delighted for you that the poetry is going so strongly.

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