A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

Belated October / Commence November

The three new poems I'd mentioned are now live in SWAMP Issue #17, along with work from a colleague of mine, Matthew Porto.  Please do support this fantastic Australia-based MFA journal!

I'm well aware that November heralds the arrival of NaNoWriMo.  I've by now had so many people ask if I'm participating that I feel compelled to make a public answer: no, not in the traditional sense.  My goal isn't to write a novel this month, but to write a poem a day (if I can manage it; the MFA program has me writing so much more verse at a baseline than ever before that kicking production up a notch even from several poems a week may prove stressful).  If you're a pledger over at my Patreon, you will have access to these locked drafts as they come; I've just posted the first one.
Tags: mfa, off the map, patreon, poetry, writing for my afternoon tea
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