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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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This went live last night, and I'm very grateful to WU:
Wellesley Writes It: An Interview With Poet / Editor A.J. Odasso '05

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What a treat! Thank you for posting the link!

Thank you! Delightful trip through your career via quite sensible and articulate questions. Your answers made fascinating reading.

You've worked so hard. I know your miss England and London in particular very badly and I hope it is in the cards that you may yet return there.

I love your frie3nd's description of the style and tone of your poetry as "quiet declamation". To me that's a precise capture of the nuances in your prose also...I too love my "prose poetic".

Congratulations on such a great interview and having it available out there!

Thank you so much, old friend *hugs* As it happens, James has gotten a PhD fellowship at the University of Southampton, so even as I'm sitting here still in Boston doing my MFA program, he is now in England starting his program. It means I'll be moving to join him next summer!

Thank you for linking your interview. Not only was it very interesting, but it gave me some books to add to my wish list. Including one of your own. :-)

Oh! I'm glad to hear that <3 I had to think for a moment re: what other books I mentioned in there, as this was some months ago now, but, you're right, I babbled a great deal. I hope you enjoy the reading!

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