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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Patreon update & poems to look out for:
* I'm at $388/month on Patreon, and my goal by August is to reach $500/month. As promised, I have been posting poem drafts as they become available; these are viewable by Patrons only. I will no longer be posting locked poem drafts to this journal. If you would like access to these drafts, please do consider pledging $1/month.

* I've sold a poem called "Augur Effect" to Spelling the Hours. This means a great deal to me, as the poem deals not only with some courageous women scientists who didn't receive their due, but also with some trauma I'm finally able to discuss without shattering. This is a huge step.

* I'll have a poem called "Transition Metal" coming out in My Dear Watson: Elemental Poetry, a Periodic Table anthology of verse coming out later this year from Beautiful Dragons Press. You may remember their Heavenly Bodies anthology; they produce beautiful books!

* The next issue of Liminality is almost upon us. I have a piece called "Bone-House" that will be appearing in it, which also pleases me very much.

* The Dishonesty of Dreams has been nominated for an Elgin Award in the Collection category. I also had two poems up for Rhyslings (one of which was co-authored with domparisien), so my thanks to anyone who may have voted for these!

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Despite everything, you seem to pass from strength to strength.
Kudos to you, with myrtle crowns and wild honey...

I still have days where I feel as if I'm only just hanging on by my fingernails, but it may be safe to say said nails are not splitting anymore *hugs*

Pleased that your pile of good things continues to be added to. *Hugs and kudos*

2015 is a shocking year so far, but a good kind of shocking overall. A few pieces of news have come as the opposite kind of shock, but those are so far outnumbered by the unexpected good things <3

Oh, what a lot of wonderful news! <3

I hold off posting here until I have good news these days. That's kind of become my m.o. I'm pleased that maybe I'll have more cause to post now ;)

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