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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry sale!
I'm pleased to say a brand-new poem, "Bone-House," will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Liminality. I have previously had a poem in this publication, and I have been enjoying its contents so far immensely. Drop by and read both issues to date.

In other news, we are close to reaching a decision on the new SH poetry co-editors. Please watch this space.

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I did read your previous poem, "Word for Love". Alas, I only know of the poet Rumi by reference, but you draw a compelling (and relentless) story in a few precisely chosen words.

For all the highly visual words, they are economically used and function on many levels in one. As with your prose, your phrases are elliptical; you always turn your focused gaze on the tiny details, fingers knotted in passion on a blanket described by the fauna embroidered on it, linking the lovers' passion to the ferocity of the beasts.

As in your prose, you seem to have mastered using the mundane matters of life, the way a cup clinks into a saucer, to not only frame a whole scene but the undercurrents in it with neither pages of action and description nor dialogue.

I am not at all surprised they've taken another poem.

Allow me to recommend a collection of some of Rumi's works called The Forbidden Rumi; it was this book that resulted in me writing the first poem / original movement of this work, and as more of the suppressed pieces of his writing become accessible, the sense of his loss cuts deeper and deeper still.

For me, the miraculous is in the mundane. It has always been so.

Thank you. I did think this one would have a hard time finding a home for all its nouveau-Anglo-Saxon strangeness, but it has only just been written and workshopped at QWQ and suddenly has a place.

Liminality is such a lovely magazine. Congrats on the sale!

Thank you so much *hugs* I'm glad to see your work is continuing to fare well in the world, too!

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