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2015 Rhysling Award nominations close in two hours!

My poem called "Queen of Cups" has been nominated in the Short Poem category; for a poem that was written two years ago and then took a year to find a home, this is not a shoddy achievement to say the least. Also, "The Memory-Thief," which Dominik Parisien and I wrote together, has been nominated in the Long Poem category. I would like to thank the person (or people) who put them forward! Please note that nominations must now be made via web form instead of via email.

Update on the Strange Horizons new-poetry-editors selection process: as of today, unsuccessful candidates have been notified, and interview questions have been sent out to short-listed candidates. We thank all applicants for their patience.

I feel as if I've fallen behind on my New Year's resolution to blog here more often. The December Blogging Meme seemed to help for a while, but the truth is that I'm a lot more trapped in my head than I used to be. I don't know if the events of 2011 - 2013 are predominantly to blame (lack of trust re: sharing information in comparison to previous years), or whether it's simply the sheer exhaustion that this perpetual-blizzard situation has brought with it. I have not been on time for work any day in the past two weeks of being at my new job; fortunately, nobody else has been on time, either, so it's something of a moot point. However, two hours of waiting in subzero temperatures for two different types of transit each morning that work has been declared as still open, not knowing which one will show up in order to get you there, and then waiting for over an hour each evening in the same conditions, takes its toll. I'm worn, run ragged, and I wish I could learn to just accept that I have no control over MBTA train cancellations (it seems to me that at least two out of every four trains is canceled, and my morning train is usually one of them) or the MIT/Wellesley Exchange Bus running perpetually 30 to 45 minutes behind (or just not showing up at all in the case of the 8am bus), but—well, it's not in my nature. I don't know how many more weeks things will be like this, and I hope my nerves can take it.
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