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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Strange Horizons Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 Poetry Acceptances:
"Ghost Irises," by Jenny Blackford

"Shadowskin," by Shveta Thakrar

"Not With Flowers," by Deepthi Gopal

"Reversed Polarities," by Nin Harris

"Challenger," by Bronwyn Lovell

"To My Creators," by Lore Graham

"Dronin'," by Peter Medeiros

"Post-Apocalyptic Toothbrush," by Betsy Ladyzhets

"The Art of Constellations," by Stephanie Wytovich

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I'm always excited about sending acceptances and eventually seeing the results published, but the acceptances this time around have me super excited. This was such a ruthlessly difficult submissions period: there were fifteen poems in the maybe-pile that I desperately wanted to accept, but could only take nine of them. It's such an honor to be reading so much stellar work.

Edited at 2015-02-01 06:35 pm (UTC)

Very nice. Have you gone through everything you've received in Dec/Jan?

Yes. I have, as of this morning, responded to every submission we received between December 1st and January 31st, so if there was something you sent to which you have not gotten a response, it means it's fallen victim to the occasionally hungry listserv-gremlin with which we are plagued. Please re-submit at your convenience, and you will be considered by Sonya in the current February/March reading period now underway.

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Oh, yikes :( Yes, do resubmit ASAP.

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My advice for the next time you submit during one of my reading windows, anyway: send directly to my personal email address, which you know. I have told plenty of other regular submitters who fall afoul of the black hole to do this, and the system seems to work until such time as Niall can figure out what to do about our black hole (it's been plaguing us for so long one feels it needs a name :-P)

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...and anyone reading this should know they can do that, come to it *thumbs up*

Congrats to all! Looking forward to reading them.

It will be some months till all of these go live, but they are worth the wait!

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