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A.J. Odasso

My Arisia 2015 schedule, for anyone who's curious:

Queering Up Canon / Marina 1 / Sunday, 2:30 PM (1hr15min)
Much fanfic has a large interest in QUILTBAG themes. Maybe your fic involves making characters of the same gender fall in love with each other, having a character established as cis turn out to be trans, or asking if Sherlock has never shown any interest in a "proper" Victorian marriage because he's asexual. Can fanfic writing and QUILTBAG activism potentially intersect? What does it mean that fans of works with cis, straight characters are looking for more variety in the fiction they consume?

Reading: Daniels, Odasso, Taaffe / Bulfinch / Sunday, 4:00 PM (1hr15min)
Authors Gillian Daniels, Adrienne Odasso, & Sonya Taaffe read selections from their works.

Representations of Disability on the Screen / Marina 4 / Monday, 1:00 PM (1hr15min)
Assistive tech has been a staple of genre movies and film, from Geordi's visor on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to Julie's artificial legs on "Extant." We're also seeing more disabilities represented in fantasy, from "How to Train Your Dragon" to "A Game of Thrones." How are genre creators getting it right (and wrong), both in their handling of disabilities and assistive tech, and in society's treatment of those themes?

The Autism Community / Marina 3 / Monday, 2:30 PM (1hr15min)
What is autism, and what is an autism self-advocate? Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders and why they may affect more of fandom than you think. We will also talk about autism activism, current social and political issues affecting autistic people, and the connection between autism and other disability communities.
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