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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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2014 Publications Round-Up
Unlike 2012 and 2013, which were years of unprecedented activity on all writing-and-editing-related fronts, 2014 has been something of a wash (although not without cause: from May through early December, it I had nothing but medical appointment after medical appointment and, ultimately, two long-overdue surgical procedures).

Sales-wise, these are what I have to show for 2014:


"Queen of Cups," inkscrawl, Issue 7.

"The Archer's Daughter," Heavenly Bodies anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press.

"The Memory-Thief" (co-authored with Dominik Parisien), Ideomancer 13:2.

"Equinox" and "Before Reading," Poems Prose & Pints anthology, September 2014.

"The Word for Love," Liminality #1.

"Vow," Not One of Us, Issue 52.

"Fragment" and "Ivy" (reprint), The Battersea Review (forthcoming)

"Skin & Paper" (reprint) and "The Still Point of the Turning World" (reprint), XIII, Resurrection House Press (forthcoming)

"Your last word on earth," Star*Line (forthcoming)


"The Words, the Walls, and the Weaver's Son," Between the Shores anthology (forthcoming)

My editorial work at Strange Horizons is ongoing, of course, and it is a pursuit in which I take immense pride. I put more time and heart into editing this year than I put into writing new poetry, so I hope that these efforts make up for any lack elsewhere. I also had three poems in this year's Rhysling Anthology, which pleases me a great deal.

ETA: I somehow forgot that my second collection came out in August.