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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The Spectre of Gifts Past
I spent last night trying to think of the most beloved, yet useful Christmas gift I've ever received, and the answer came more quickly and easily than I had assumed it would. For Christmas in 1991, after about six months of hinting with painful precision which model I wanted, I received this camera as my main gift. At the time, my family was in a rented house and my parents' combined income was at probably at the lowest point it had hit in years due to my youngest sister having just been born a year before and my mom having been off work, so a $75 item was no small thing.

I adored that camera. I shot close to 100 rolls of Kodak Gold with it from 1991 - 2004; most of those photos are still in my possession. They show high school musicals, church summer camp shenanigans, my three months in France as an exchange student in 1999, choir concerts, marching band trips to Florida, my graduation dinner, departure for college in Connecticut, a performance tour of Germany / Austria / Hungary on which I shot haunting photographs of Roman ruins and the wooden-post burial ground at Szentendre, me and my cousins and youngest sister goofing off on my maternal grandmother's front lawn, and so forth. There are photos that show tiny wild fish swimming around in my open, submerged palms; there is a shot of Washington Irving's grave in Tarrytown, NY that shows an eerie white mist about the stone in spite of the fact I took it on a clear, sunny autumn day.

(The camera itself, and for this I mourn, is lost.)

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What a beautiful post. :)

Thanks <3 I've located a new-in-packaging one on eBay for around $20. I'm almost tempted.

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