A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

Autism spectrum resource recommendations?

I've finally found the time to read this book, which I've had since August. I'm finding it engaging, informative, and the right balance of clinical / anecdotal, although the author definitely seems to have fairly rigid ideas about "girls on the autism spectrum are like X" and "boys on the autism spectrum are like Y" and rarely in twain the two shall meet; you can point out trends from research data, but please at least acknowledge that you have a somewhat traditionalist approach in the way you regard gender, dear author). I've been told I should read Thinking in Pictures and Aspergirls next, and I'm finding link-and-book posts from ada_hoffmann and shehasathree helpful.

Still, if there's anything out there that's more off the beaten track that you think might be worth my attention, let me know? I'm reading more than I'm writing for once.
Tags: autism spectrum, books, health, off the map, recs
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