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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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December Blogging Meme Topic #13:
What's a fandom you want to write in but never found the right story for?

If I think back over time, I have a few of those: Rome, Slings & Arrows, and Life On Mars. If I love a piece of media deeply, though, and don't immediately break down and start writing, chances are that it felt complete enough in most respects that I know slipping my fingers into the clockwork to make adjustments isn't really necessary. The ones I love enough to stick with and also leave too much between the lines and too many questions unanswered? Those are the ones that'll have me plotting in well under a week (or, as the case may be, in well under twenty-four to forty-eight hours). I also spend a lot of time thinking about the six months or so when I was an undergrad in which I read a great deal of Askewniverse fic. I was so convinced I'd try my hand at it, but then I never did. To this day, I still love those films and those stories. I'm overdue for a marathon.

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That's how I felt about Life on Mars; I loved it, but it was so good it didn't need fixing, so my energy went into reviewing it rather than writing stories (I composed a single drabble, several years on). It's the glorious but deeply flawed series like Sherlock that drive me to write.

OMG, gah, LoM was so good. I didn't dare touch the American remake of the series, because, um, why? I'm never sure why Hollywood feels the need to do that when the source was so stellar to begin with.

I'm just playing catch-up here and saw this and it pings with me in that it's related to a question I have been asking myself. Why do I suddenly want to write for a show I've been watching for 6 years?

I believe there is some relationship between how we feel about the characters, and an acknowledgement that our perceptions of characters change as we change. In this, I find I am reading new mystery in the behavior of the characters and have many questions about it all that I know this show will never answer.

It also could have something to do with the lack of quality stories for this fandom. If there had been hundreds of amazing stories already, I probably would have left well enough alone.

So here I am, re-learning scrivener. Oh well.

Oh, I agree with you wholeheartedly on this. Perspectives can shift over time, so suddenly something we never previously found attractive can suddenly become so :)

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