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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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December Blogging Meme Topic #8:
What are your thoughts about Sherlock series 3 and/or series 4?

I fear that my answer on this score is brief, and probably not terribly engaging. I didn't like Season 3 much at all, and I know absolutely nothing about Season 4. I love Seasons 1 and 2, still, and that's about where the scope of what I count as canon ends. The screenwriting turned too careless for my taste in Season 3; I feel like they're mocking their audience, and not kindly, either. I have better things to do with my time on the television front (my most recent hours-spent-watching-things investments have been In the Flesh and Six Feet Under, and I haven't been disappointed).

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You are echoing almost to the dot my feelings about Sherlock season 3. I still don't understand what happened but I was rarely that disappointed with a show I was so engaged with in the previous seasons.

Unless Season 4 is a miraculous turn-around in the extreme, I see no reason why I'd ever go back to it. Nothing puts me off more than when canon goes OOC/otherwise off the rails. If you can't rely on canon to stay true to the compass you thought it had set, what use is canon?

I am hoping for the miraculous turn around but I doubt it will happen. Alas.

Nothing puts me off more than when canon goes OOC/otherwise off the rails.

I've reached the point where I just don't hesitate to ditch something if the creators make it that obvious they they have no concept of narrative integrity.

Or character integrity, for that matter :P

That's what made it so bad - plot holes can be fixed with fanfic, or ignored altogether, as you explore alternate stories, but if you can't pin the characters down, if they make no sense or are all over the map, what is left?

I was disappointed with Season 3, too. And I was so excited for it. The writing felt really sloppy and it just felt like it lacked something that made the show intrinsically itself. The only time I thought it came close to being back to form was the last episode.

The only time I thought it came close to being back to form was the last episode.

Ugh, accurate. And that hurt a great deal.

What distressed me most about the last ep was

a) Mary's plotline and character making absolutely no sense whatsoever;

b) betraying the concept of Sherlock Holmes in having him "solve" the case through violence - the whole point of SH is to solve problems intellectually - anyone can shoot somebody :P (coulda just had Mary do it with her mad sekrit sniper skillz);

c) bringing Moriarty back, which is 1) trolling fandom yet again, and 2) shows utter lack of imagination. And how desperate they are for actual writing. Just ugh ugh ugh.

Oh yeah, I agree with your points. It was still a fucking mess, plot-wise, in my opinion. But I guess it felt more like the older seasons to me in how John and Sherlock were relating to each other? Like, as much as a small part of me loved the idea of how mushy Sherlock got at the weddding, that was a small fanfic part of me and it felt weird and OOC as canon. And the return! I love John's anger, and I don't mind a little humor about it, but the episode played it like it was all just a fucking laugh, and it wasn't. But the last episode felt more fraught between them, with all of those big feelings there below the surface without breaking through into ridiculousness, and that's what I love about that relationship, and that's what felt like it was getting better in the last episode.

Also, I thought Magnussen was a smart, creepy, effective villain. You're right about the laziness of how they dispatched him, though. I didn't think it was worthy of Sherlock OR him.

I just don't know about Mary. I'm reserving judgment until they clear some shit up, I guess.

I think the other thing that saved the last episode for me was Mycroft, because I love when their weird family dynamic gets screen time.

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Gads season 3 was awful. It's as though they turned the chicken house over to the fans -- all the stuff the fans wanted. This ship wreck show the negative side of fandom when it comes to favorite products. But that's my opinion only, and not everyone will agree, or needs to, for that matter. :)

Bringing back Moriarty was the last straw.

Ain't watching the next season. Do. Not. Care. And have gotten heartily sick of both Freeman and Cumberbatch worship into the bargain. It's not the actors' fault, but I am sick of seeing them in everything.

I loved the third season (apart from the final minute). There was no single episode as good as A Study in Pink (which remains the best), but there was no dud like The Blind Banker (which appeared to have wandered in from a completely different show), nothing that made me as uneasy as the treatment of Irene Adler in A Scandal in Belgravia, and no rather dull one like The Hounds of Baskerville. As a season, it had an integrated story arc, which they'd never managed before; they did great things with Mary, Molly and Janine; they made Anderson interesting, and brought in Bill Wiggins, whom I adore; and we got a genuinely frightening villain in Magnussen. The last minute with its threat of the really boring villain made me fear for the future, but at least if they muck that up they've already given me the third season, which I will treasure.

I agree that ASiP is excellent, although I actually rather liked Baskerville where you did not. Anderson-made-interesting was one of the few other things I appreciated about S3; I also enjoyed Mycroft, because I nearly always do.

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