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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Nine hours on the road weren't a great idea pain-wise...
...but I navigated from a reclined passenger seat. My grandparents' betta is a hardy little thing, as I'm told he has survived a year now in his present glass bowl, but he should have a larger one. I need to figure out how to accomplish this task by giving orders from the sofa.

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All tasks should be accomplished by giving orders from the sofa.

He is now in a fairly large glass vase that somebody found in the basement, so that will have to so for now :)

I have faith that you can find a way, as long as someone deigns to fetch you tea;)

I have tea-fetchers galore, and somebody found a large glass vase in the basement that will serve for now!

Hey I've parented two boys from the sofa for 8 years now. It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish with enough conviction and authority in your voice :-)

God, if only my mom had known your secret ;) She got run ragged with the five of us.

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