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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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User ratings? Social capital? What?
I just noticed that LJ has placed this curious thing on our profile pages (probably years ago, while I wasn't paying attention to anything that far up) that calculates your journal rank and your social capital. What does that even mean? Rankings, I can wrap my head around, as it must be calculated by some amalgamation of how frequently you post and how many people comment on your posts, but social capital? I know, I know: I should probably just click the little question-mark next to it. I'm afraid that if I do, though, it might ruin the mystique. I have 46 social capital. Is it a currency? Can I trade it for things?

(Reminder: there are still some days left for claiming in my December meme.)

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I've tried to find out how my community can get in the rankings (I think it can't unless it has open membership because it doesn't show up now) and the FAQs are awful, so I'm not really sure what it all means!

gehayi above gave a pretty useful run-down :)

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