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User ratings? Social capital? What?
I just noticed that LJ has placed this curious thing on our profile pages (probably years ago, while I wasn't paying attention to anything that far up) that calculates your journal rank and your social capital. What does that even mean? Rankings, I can wrap my head around, as it must be calculated by some amalgamation of how frequently you post and how many people comment on your posts, but social capital? I know, I know: I should probably just click the little question-mark next to it. I'm afraid that if I do, though, it might ruin the mystique. I have 46 social capital. Is it a currency? Can I trade it for things?

(Reminder: there are still some days left for claiming in my December meme.)

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I'll just quote LJ's FAQ...

Social Capital is shown for all personal journals and communities, which have opted into ratings on "Privacy" tab in Account Settings page.

Social Capital is an indicator that reflects the influence of a specific user or community on LiveJournal.


Paid repost is a new method of promoting your entry in other journals. You can add a "Paid repost" button to your entry and every user who reposts it into his journal will get some LJ Tokens (you’ll have to set a budget for reposts). Also, Paid repost is a new way for you to earn LJ Tokens. If you click on a Paid repost button in other user’s entry, this entry will be reposted to your journal and you’ll get some LJ Tokens for this. Paid repost is based on New-style reposting.

The main features of a Paid repost are:
The cost of a paid repost is based on the social capital and how much new audience is brought to the original post. It is calculated as (Social Capital*10*New Audience coefficient)-Commission.

If the repost author has turned on the 'Targeting' option, the New Audience coefficient includes the degree to which your audience matches the targeting parameters.

The reposter gets LJ Tokens 24 hours after the time he reposted the entry.

One user can repost one entry for LJ Tokens only once. If you tried to repost an entry but cancelled a repost less than 24 hours after the repost was made, you won’t be able to make a paid repost of this entry again.


Social capital also determines who can have Promo Slots (which, at the moment, seem to be solely for those who are part of Cyrillic Services). You have to have 20 or more in Social Capital (and be part of Cyrillic Services) to have a Promo Slot.


So I guess it's kind of a currency. It's tied to LJ Tokens, anyway.

Re: I'll just quote LJ's FAQ...

How curious. It would be so much more useful if we could trade it for things like, I don't know, paid time or more icon slots or whatever. But I suppose promo slots are more useful to some people than any of those other things.

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