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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Happiness is a new winter coat (or something)
Le Mont
James got me this today in black, minus the fur trim. I stepped outside in it, and I can happily confirm that all of the great testimonials I'd had from people who swear by them against Canadian / New England / other horrific winters worldwide are absolutely true. Basically, we have been wearing incompetent coats for the past three years because, simply put, British winters did not require the same kind of coat that Northeast US winters require. It had been so many years since I'd had to think about this that finding my stylish black wool Danish coat insufficient guard against the elements was rather a let-down.

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James got me this today in black, minus the fur trim.

That's pretty awesome.

Fur trim appears to add about $200-$300 to the price of this already not-that-cheap coat; also, I feel weird about fur on clothing items, so he did fine. Then again, I do know the down in this coat is from ducks, and I feel less weird about that than about fur trim.

James is very good about humoring my wish-projections in writing. He does his best to make them reality whenever possible ;) But also, yes: any coat sharing a name with you is a good one!

Edited at 2014-11-19 12:34 am (UTC)

If this winter's going to be as bad as last, I'll need it.

Welllll, as last year's east coast wtf weather was a result of our rain being pushed to join the stream that falls on you and we're still having "aaaah, panic!" drought...looks like you're in for another heavy snowfall winter.

I've heard that this year's weather patterns are coming more from Canada?

Ultimately, it's a consequence of a warm trough in the Pacific blocking a lot of the rain that would fall on the west coast of the US, then pushing it up north over Canada where it joins the stream that falls on east coast to midwest north.

You have our water; we'd like it back. (@)_(@)

I wish it would go back; we've had a couple of very wet days.

Excellent! And it'll last. I still have and wear the Eddie Bauer down coat I bought in 1994 - just the occasional wash, and it's still in great shape.

Northeastern winters can be horrid, and I don't know what it's like in your area today but NYC is miserable, ugh. (Also we have no heat or hot water. Am about to report the landlord. Again.)

Down coats are so durable \m/ That is some amazing wear you're getting out of yours! My landlord is very prompt when we have radiator problems. I hope we've seen the last of those for now.

Ugh that coat looks so warm!! I want a canada goose parka but they are so expensive -_-

Oooh! Lovely and warm!!

PS I owe you an email. I'm having a beastly week but will be human by weekend.

No worries! It's an atrociously busy time of year :) I hope the weekend comes swiftly, if only so that you get a breather.

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