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Stealing this from kaydeefalls & newredshoes:

Pick a date in December and give me a topic about which you'd like to see me write that day. As people give me their date and topic, I'll add them to the schedule below. I've never seen this meme before, but it looks kind of amazing. I'm trying to keep blogging, and this, I believe, will be a great motivator on the continuity front.

Dec 1: Do you have anyone you long for? Describe them from your heart.
Dec 2: Who is your ideal reader? (wordweaverlynn)
Dec 3: ". . . this is how I feel about the act of writing, about all of the voices we pin to the page (we belong more to them than they to us)." Talk about how you feel about the voices you write, whether in fandom or original work? (sovay) / If I recall correctly, you were recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Do you think your neurotype has influenced the way that you write, and if so, how? (ada_hoffmann)
Dec 4: How do you go about structuring a poetry collection? For instance, do you think about it more analytically or do you let the poems come together in a more subconscious way? (teithiwr)
Dec 5: You used to post link round-ups of your poetry acceptances at Strange Horizons as they got published. Can you link all of the published ones to date that you accepted? (Anonymous)
Dec 6: What's a food you feel is under-appreciated, and some memories associated with it? (rinue)
Dec 7: Retrospective (No write-in, so my choice!)
Dec 8: What are your thoughts about Sherlock series 3 and/or series 4? (alltoseek)
Dec 9: Do you have fictional buttons, character constellations or themes that you particularly love to read (and/or write) about? Are there clichés that you love? (rheasilvia)
Dec 10: What's been the change about online interaction and/or communities that [fill in the blank verb] you the most? (newredshoes)
Dec 11: For any date you choose: What, for you, is the purpose of poetry? Why do you read it? Why do you write it? Why do you publish it, and how do you choose where to (try and) publish? (not_vacillating)
Dec 12: your favorite foreign-language phrases and why you like them so much (speccygeekgrrl)
Dec 13: What's a fandom you want to write in but have never found quite the right story for? (kaydeefalls)
Dec 14: talk about things (if there are any) that you are content to contemplate without engaging (writing about them, or otherwise interacting with) (mauvais_pli)
Dec 15: What's your very first memory of traveling? (sobota)
Dec 16: Are there things (elements, themes) that will always make you back away when reading a story? What are they? (miss_morland)
Dec 17: things that are guaranteed to make you keep reading a story (jb_slasher)
Dec 18: What are your favorite words, and why? (@sarapolsky)
Best and worst travel experiences (kat_lair)
Things you can't quite remember, but want to (my birthday, my choice)
What gives you hope in the darkness? (ciaranbochna)
What's your favorite animal, color or food and why? (moonbeamdancer)

Dec 22: What do you think of the first two installments of the BBC4 Good Omens radio dramatization? (vaysh)
Food and drink always seem really important to your imagery, and I know you're greatly fond of tea -- do you have a favourite tea, or do certain teas represent certain moods? (peach_megumi)
Write us (yourself, whoever) a little poem (alltoseek)
What are your reverse buttons - tropes, characters, etc. - that really turn you off, make you give up on a fanfic or canon? (alltoseek)
What celebration, of all those in a usual year, is the most important to you, and why? owlfish)
I'm curious about what smell does for you. What scents do you find pleasant, or inspiring, or particularly evocative? (innostrantsa)
What is your favourite line written by someone else, and what meaning does it have for you? (peach_megumi)

Dec 30: In reflecting back on Wellesley, how did or didn't it shape you? (mieystrapurore)
Dec 31: Any day, if you had the freedom to do anything in 2015, no worries about time or money or anything, what are the top three things you would do? (escritoireazul)
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