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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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In which my fears are not unfounded
Demon King
lifegivingsword came home from the WWI re-enactment weekend with not only a bad cold, but also with a case of poison ivy. As you can imagine, sharing a flat with this in my current condition has me somewhat on edge. My immune system, for once, has proved sturdy against the arrival of unpleasant weather; by now I'd have normally come down with terrible respiratory something. I can't afford to catch the cold, so maybe a plague mask is in order.

I spun a little writing out of my scrambled thoughts this past weekend, but I haven't been successful when it comes to rereading, editing, and adding to it. The siren call of Six Feet Under, Season 5, has been far too strong. I'm definitely perplexed as to how I missed this show while it was airing; it would have been as much much cup of tea back then as it is now. It handles ghosts very much like I've been handling them in fiction for quite some time, so this is personal-mythology compatibility at its most intimate.

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(Deleted comment)
Actually, we did not know about this! The doctor at this point says it shouldn't be spreadable, so that's something. I suffered an odd rash on my foot about 48 hours ago, but I hit it with Benadryl cream, and it went away; James had noticed the poison ivy on his hand beginning to break out on Sunday, but it didn't get bad until yesterday, which is when he saw the doctor. I've seemed to be immune to poison ivy like my grandmother for most of my life (the number of times I was seen playing in or near it as a kid without ever being affected, you wouldn't believe), but the red rash on my foot for about 24 hours or so and then the doctor telling James he's got it on his hand (and it does look like a textbook case to me, too) made me wonder about my foot. It was the same foot with which I had the odd stubbed-my-toe-and-got-cellulitis/staph back in July, so I was vaguely spooked.

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