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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I've kept lots of bettas in my time, so this is new:
Morpheus herds and protects the kuhli loaches (Alpha, Digger, Fearless, Scout, and Mako). I hadn't noticed this, but a week in bed (and counting) gives you a nice long time to observe fish that you otherwise spend a great deal of time watching anyway. He tails them when they're off by their lonesome (never tries to bite them, though, and he hunkers down under the log to sleep with them at night), and when they're all huddled under the log during the day, he patrols the perimeter. It's disturbingly cute. Morpheus is a good guy.

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That is intensely adorable.

He was also very social with my friend's baby today.

That sounds so lovely! I have a tank with a lovely bristlenose catfish and a bunch of male guppies. Watching those boys is not at all soothing, because they spend most of the time trying to kill and/or screw each other. Sigh. I'm thinking I'll get more placid fish next time...

I haven't had guppies in a while (usually it was fantails), but I do recall that keeping large groups of them results in a lot of chasing each other about.

I think a large group would be good. I have a pretty small tank and only keep half a dozen or so. Currently I have a male that's bullied all but two other males to death. My partner reckons I should just throw this sociopathic fish into the bin. Which is kinda cruel, I haven't quite reached that point yet...

What's the sociopathic fish's name?

Haha. I don't give my fish names, but my partner does so I had to check with her. The fish that's slowly killing off all his competition is, of course, Joffrey. :P

I love it! Instead of a bullying killer, you've got a Border Collie in scales!

Nailed it. My remark to James was, "He must've been a sheepdog in a past life."

In a strip mall, we drove by a shop called "Betta Living". I thought of fish.
Your is good betta living.

I personality-screen bettas to the best of my ability before taking them home, and it usually pays off. I've had some marvelous (and mostly very sweet) quirk-balls over the years, that's for sure.

Gotta love bettas.

Thanking of you, and hope your health is improving!

I made it out of the house for an hour and a half or so this afternoon; I didn't go far, but it was amazing to be out in fresh air again after almost ten days shut up in here!

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Heeey you still have fishies! :3

I always have fishies, nearly <3

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