A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

On being a dull patient & dreaming of freshwater dolphins

I've had no fewer than three sets of people looking out for me this week on account of lifegivingsword having left yesterday for this Great War re-enactment event. The most recent of these, a close friend here in Boston, seems disappointed that my demands aren't more complex and frequent than "I need more pineapple-orange-banana juice" or "Open this bottle of painkillers so I don't strain my abdomen." Otherwise, I will just sit propped here on the Chesterfield or in bed and write, sleep, or watch the occasional episode of Six Feet Under.

Between waking at 7am in need of some Percocet and falling asleep for another few hours under the influence of said pill, I dreamed I was on holiday at Loch Ness in Scotland. The specific landscape of the dream was the landscape I used for a writing project not all that long ago; instead of a plesiosaur or freshwater jellyfish, I was standing waist-deep in dark water playing with a baiji. I started crying because I know full well these creatures are gone, and that's how I woke up. They were my favorite animal from elementary school onward, which was when I first learned about them on the Endangered Species List. That I lived to see them declared functionally extinct in 2006 (Qiqi died in captivity in 2002; footage was taken in 2007 of what we think was the last one in the wild) is one of the greatest sadnesses I carry as a lover of aquatic creatures. Marine Biology is just one more missed calling.
Tags: dreams, health, off the map, river dolphins, writing for my afternoon tea
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