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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Surgery went well; thanks for the positive thoughts!
I'm home now and attempting to watch the most recent Saturday Night Live. This is comical because a) I haven't seen this show in several years and no longer recognize the cast, and b) painkillers. Any suggestions re: films and shows I should check out in the coming weeks?

(Reminder: Strange Horizons fund drive has 12 more days to go!)

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Glad you hear you are recovering at home! Painkillers are an invaluable resource, oh yes. Do you have a stack of books nearby already?;)

I would recommend Kwaidan. It's a series of Japanese ghost stories, and every time I watch it I fall in love with a different scene. Woman of the Snow is overwhelming.

Books, check. I started accruing them a few weeks ago ;)

Is Kwaidan animated, then? The way you describe it has me thinking of Mushi-shi, which I love.

Ah I thought so..lol

No, it is live action, based on Lafacadio Hearn's adaptation of Japanese folk tales. I mean to find the book one day. Here is the Wiki link.


I must find Mushi-shi. The description sounds wonderful.

Okay, that looks awesome. I am there.

Do you have Netflix? If yes, Milk of Sorrow, In a World..., Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Bomb Girls, Alice by Svankmajer, devil in a blue dress, Hit & Miss, Blackfish, The Galapagos Affair: Satan Comes to Eden, Himalaya, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Snowpiercer, Prohibition, Nosferatu, Triplets of Belleville, Two Lives, and possibly The 100 but I haven't watched it yet.

Of all the things you've listed, Snowpiercer is the only one I've seen (it was fantastic, but it gave me a panic attack, so I probably won't be watching that again for a while). The Triplets of Belleville has been on my to-watch list for years, so maybe I'll start with that!

I think you'll like Alice (unless you're scared of puppets and Czech weirdness), but I'd keep it for when you aren't too floaty on painkillers. Avengers: EMH is adorable.

I can assure you that neither puppets, nor Czech weirdness disconcert me ;)

Ooh yes, I'd back Svankmejer's Alice (or is it Alenka or something like that?) A friend of mine described it as Alice with the English whimsy taken out (and something else put in).

I'm not sure why it's dropped into my mind, or whether you'd easily get hold of it, but I'm fond of an Argentinian film called Nine Queens about a couple of con men.

But mostly I am pleased that you've come through the op OK.

Both of those sound intriguing and I will pursue them <3

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I'm glad that you are doing alright. :)

Groggy and variable, but overall all right <3

Glad to hear everything went well, now to a good resting and healing time :)

I can see why it's going to take five weeks - one day you think things are way better than they should be, and then the next it's like "...oh god what the hell was I thinking this is HELL *_*"

I'm so relieved!
Out of the top of my head, I'd say Dead Again (Branagh 1991). A perfect exercise in style, not at all as grim as the title. Of Lester's Robin & Marian (1976).
Take care.

Dead Again has been recced to me so many times in the past couple months alone that it's getting bumped to the top of the list :-D

*hugs* Good luck with the recovery, I hope it goes smoothly!

I just got my copy of The Dishonesty of Dreams, btw. Looking forward to reading it!

May you read it in good health <3

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