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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I promised pictures of my Halloween costume, so:

Halloween 2014: PDS!Adrienne (reference: BBC 3's \\"In the Flesh\\")

Anyone who has seen BBC 3's incredible In the Flesh will know what I'm on about.

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(Deleted comment)
It's been several years since I've managed a costume that's up to my usual standard, but I feel back in the game after this :)

Anyone who has seen BBC 3's incredible In the Flesh will know what I'm on about.

I have not seen In the Flesh. I still think that's a pretty great costume, though.

Thank you! And you should head over to tvids.net to check out ItF as soon as possible. There are only two seasons (nine episodes total), and it is one of the finest television shows I've seen in years. I've been recommending it to everyone I see; I think my co-workers are somewhat unsettled by now at my fervor. It's so much more than just a zombie show; it treats a horror trope in a non-horror context, and the social commentary is just scathing. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

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Thanks! It was a neat challenge.

Halloween has always been one of the high points of my year; it's a shame it had to fall by the wayside from 2011-2013. No longer <3

Love it! You look brilliant.

I've not seen "In the Flesh" either but you look very much ready for Halloween, with your spooky mugging and I sigh wistfully at your great contacts. I had to give up contacts back in the old hard contact years and now way could I have rocked something like these! Always pined for a pair of all black sclera lenses, but no point in the expense.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

I wore contacts in junior high and high school (before I had LASIK surgery at 18). I only wore these for around 3 hours before they gave me a horrible headache, so I took them out at that point and called it a night. Totally worth it, though :)

Oooh, that looks amazingly creepy! I haven't seen In the Flesh, but this costume is unmistakable as a zombie costume even so. :-) Those contacts!!

If you ever get to see the show, oh, do. And those contacts were okay for about the first hour, but later they became bothersome.

Thanks! I hope you had a fun Halloween!

That's wonderful! Love it.

Haven't gotten to watch it yet, but you made an amazing zombie!

I was more pleased with this Halloween costume than I have been with one in years. Even if I wasn't able to leave the contacts in for more than about two hours because they hurt pretty badly, it was worth it.

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