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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I miss blogging here.
Once upon a time, I posted daily entries here.  I can't remember the last time I did that; maybe it was circa 2005?  With NaNoWriMo almost upon us—and with surgery that's going to keep me house-bound for five weeks starting on Monday, November 3rd almost upon me—I'm going to endeavor to start blogging again.  This isn't to say that I don't blog at all, because the truth is that it takes most of my energy these days to maintain Facebook, my Twitter feed, my Gmail inbox, and my fandom presence (the latter of which I will never give up, and anybody who thinks that's juvenile or a waste of my time can go hang).

I have halloween plans with teenybuffalo and lifegivingsword: we've going to see Nevermore at the Somerville Theatre.  We are going in costume.  I'm trying my stage make-up hand at a PDS version of myself, which will either look incredibly awesome or will just confuse people (or quite possibly both).  There will probably be pictures.

What's new?  Some people, I keep up with in other spheres, but with others, I've lost track.

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Great to see you around again on a more regular basis! I have been trying to get back into things as well, a few times, but I never manage to actually stick with it. It would probably help if there was more to read around here :-)

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on the surgery and recovery! Have fun at Halloween and give James a big hug from us. *cuddles*

And give your family hugs from both of us! *cuddles back* We miss you. I continue to have no clue when I'll have enough holiday time for a trip over. This is massively frustrating to say the least.

I've downloaded the LJ app onto my mobile; we'll see if this serves as sufficient incentive to blog more often. The interface seems friendly enough.

You know you'll always be welcome here, we can surely find the place to put you up if you make it over here.

I have the LJ app as well, but I still find it too much of a bother to type a lot on my phone, so hardly use it, except if I'm being really bored and forgot my book and FB isn't offering anything new and interesting :P I'll try to at least answer on your posts, if nothing else ;-)

I've gotten far better at typing on an iPhone than I ever assumed I would; having a BlackBerry for a while was cool, as I liked that keyboard, but I switched to iPhone in late 2012 and haven't looked back.

I also have the iPhone, but I think my fingers must be too big or clumsy, I still don't like typing things that are too long. The phone is getting a bit slow after three years as well, but I'm used to using up my phones and even if Tom is urging me to already get a new one, I'm still hesitant :P

My first iPhone was a 4; I bought it secondhand in October 2012. I ditched that for an iPhone 5S in January 2014, and I just three weeks ago ditched that for an iPhone 6 when I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I love the 6 more than I loved either of the previous models, and since I went for broke and got the 128GB, I will not relinquish this thing till it's dead, dead, dead.

I still have my first iPhone, the 4 and it's from October or November 2011. Tom wants me to get the 6 as well, but I would also want at least 64GB, which is also what I have and use now, I couldn't do with less. I still think it's quite expensive and I thought about getting it with my Birthday money (and add quite a bit), but I always spend my money on books :P Of course, if you say it's that good, I should perhaps reconsider.

Something that the 6 has not done so far that both the 4 and the 5 did was the screen-go-black-and-reset-randomly thing. The 6 seems much more stable from a heavy-app-usage standpoint as well. Mostly I'm just overjoyed that I can carry all 5000+ songs in my iTunes collection with me, plus all of my iBooks, plus run a dozen things at once (because that's just how I roll).

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Jealous! I'd love to see "Nevermore" but we'll be handing out candy!

I have no idea what the trick-or-treating situation looks like in my neighborhood (Beacon Hill), because I made a point of not being home on Halloween last year. It looks like I won't be finding out this year, either ;)

Aww, shucks ;) Enjoy Nevermore!!!

As one-man shows go, oh my word. Best one I've ever seen!

If you ever get the chance to see it, do.

Good to see you. Although I don't exactly know what's been going on, I know you've been through some pretty big stuff these past few years, and I've been thinking about you.

The big things have continued to happen through most of 2014, although I'm hoping they will finally settle once the surgery is squared away! I was wondering about you just a couple of weeks ago, and I should really solve this problem by looking at your journal to see what you've been blogging about :)

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Many, *many*, MANY wishes for your operation. Reading your posts will be great, but I'd rather have you write them without going through surgery.

Once I'm recovered, two very major issues will not plague me anymore, so all in all, I'm glad it's finally happening *hugs* Thank you for the well-wishes.

I slack terribly at updating, but it's hard when you know the audience is mostly just not there any more. :/ Still, I am always very glad to see your updates. :)

Actually, I remain surprised how many people really are still here (at least when it comes to personal day-to-day blogging). Old habits do die hard <3

Nice to see your pixels again. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year -- I'm Wordweaver over there.

I've promised a friend I'll do it, but, to be honest, I have too many patchwork writing and editing projects with deadlines at the moment to write something that long and coherent. I'm sure I'll write 40k-60k before November is out, but it probably won't be a novel.

Nevermore sounds fantastic (and MOTRD is one of my favourite films), and I would love to see pictures if you feel the urge to post any of your costume.

I am doing mini_wrimo again this year, since it was such a boost last time and I can currently use all the help I can get due to RL..lol

Wishing you well for the upcoming surgery (at least there will be a little time to read?) *Hugs*

I didn't stay for MOTRD, but Nevermore was pretty amazing. Most one-man shows I've seen in my time couldn't keep up the energy, but this just kept pushing and pushing and pushing the limit. It was fairly amazing :)

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The well-wishes are much appreciated *hugs* Happy Halloween to you, too! Did you dress as anything?

(Deleted comment)
I did - and I'm about to make a post that includes photos :)

(Deleted comment)
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