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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Two poetry sales, three poems involved:
"Equinox" and "Before Reading" will be appearing in the upcoming Poems, Prose, & Pints anthology put together by Tim Ellis.  Any of you who are UK-based should check out this wonderful monthly open mic in Harrogate; I used to attend regularly, and I miss it!

"Vow," one of two poems I've written in the last few weeks, will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Not One of Us.  I've had a relative dry spell this year as far as the writing of new verse pieces, but that tide's finally turning.  The others will take more shopping around.

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Thank you! (Belated response is belated.)

I love how, in bits and pieces, your work finds a place among published literature. It's like a net slowly forming, a mycelium of sorts, enebling the bright-coloured, delicious mushroom fruit to grow and ripen, year after year. Hooray for you!


Have you had mango-blossom honey before? I got a jar from the Florida Keys, and it's amazing. I mean, I didn't go there personally; I sent for it. Rather wonderful, and I thought of you!

No, I haven't, as I tend to stick with locally-produced honey. But I'll try it now!

Congratulations! Many more in the winds I'm sure:)

Well, I've had a fairly low-production year on the poetry front for once, so maybe not ;) I hope the winds will pick up soon.

That's great!

And I'm glad the tide's starting to turn. :)

Congratulations! Great to hear that the tide is turning re new verse. <3

I've actually written few poems so far this year, but what ones I've written, I have sold. And the handful of reprints, that's been cool!

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