A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

I've been meaning to post about this anthology!

A few months ago, Beautiful Dragons Press invited a number of poets to participate in the Heavenly Bodies anthology project. Our task as poets was to claim a constellation and to write about it; as you know, I've had plenty of voluntary experience writing about constellations, so I was thrilled to be asked onboard. You'll immediately ask if I claimed Orion, some of you, but by the time I got to the spreadsheet, that was already taken, so it was easy enough to claim Sagittarius, my zodiac sign (and denizen of another existing poem of mine besides).

My poem in this anthology is entitled "The Archer's Daughter" (which some of you may have seen in draft form), and I got my contributor's copies just a couple of weeks ago. It's an entirely lovely book, and you can order a copy by contacting the editor directly on beautifuldragons [at] icloud [dot] com (as the Press's website is under construction).
Tags: off the map, poetry, writing for my afternoon tea
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