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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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That was unusually quick!
"Queen of Cups" is already live in the new issue of inkscrawl!

Other amazing poets in this issue: Sandi Leibowitz, Erik Amundsen, Jonel Abellanosa, Brittany Warman, Mari Ness, Sonya Taaffe, L. Chapman, Vajra Chandrasekera, Marcia Arrieta, Lynette Mejía, Kendall Evans, Ross Balcom, Alexandra Seidel, and Noel Sloboda.

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"Queen of Cups" is already live in the new issue of inkscrawl!

Damn! Thanks for the alert!


Huzzah! I love that one (well, all of them, truly;)

Thank you <3 It is a very good issue.

(Deleted comment)
It's a wonderful issue! inkscrawl <3 And oh, 'Queen of Cups' is really gorgeous.

Also, I noticed in your inkscrawl bio that you've got a new poetry collection coming out this year? Awesome!

Later this year, yes :) I don't have the date 100% confirmed, but I do trust that my editor is on top of it!

Great! Looking forward to it. :)

I know you will, but let me know when you have more info so I can promote the heck out of it! (Not that anyone listens to me, but there's still a chance for a new reader or two!)

Missed this entry, but yay! You know I love that one. <3

It took that one ages to find a home.

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