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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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As per usual, not sure what to say...
...except that I've been almost too busy to write (between the day job, organizing an online holiday writing exchange, zine editing, and having spent a couple months on a freelance editing job that's just wrapping up). My apartment has rugs now, though, courtesy of the freelance editing proceeds, and that is a good thing.

What's new in your world? I feel like I've been off-world.

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Congratulations on being rugged!

My retail drone job starts tomorrow. My hunt for long-term employment continues. I've been progressing a little bit on the guitar, though not as much as I'd like. And there might be a guy I'm into, but I'm not sure yet. Actually, can we get together sometime in the next few days? I'm kind of flustered, and I could use a talk about it.

What about Thursday evening at or after 5:30 PM somewhere in Harvard Square? Or what works for you?

Can I get back to you about that tomorrow? I'll know my work schedule after tomorrow's orientation session. And thank you.

New cat! (home has a permanent refugee camp look)

That's quite all right, though <3

Waaay better than the alternative... =)

Do the cats get on with the bees?

No problems there. It seems they're too small to bother them, and anyway the cats don't seem to loiter around the hives.
Btw, have you seen this?

Aaah. Thank you for the link!

Congrats on the new rugs and good luck with the ocntinuing busyness! :) Not much new with me; I'm lining up a building project and getting my ducks in a row. Metaphorical ducks, not real ones. :)

Which is a shame, because I'm concluding more and more that ducks actually make very sweet pets.

Yay! For rugs!
Same old with me here. :)

The latest is waiting for my last few things that needed framing to come home from the framer's. At that point, all of the originals I have from friends (and otherwise) will be on display.

Sounds as though you haven't had much time to breathe recently, but huzzah for being settled in!

I am trying miniwrimo for the first time, which is going surprisingly well. A work ethic I am hoping to continue with:)

I did NaNo early this year, back in August: it was a fannish writing project that looked like it needed to be quite long, so I knocked it out in ten parts across five weeks. It was tiring, but worth it :)

Happy belated birthday! :D

Thank you so much! *hugs* Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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