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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I'm Not Good at Blogging Anymore (A List of Recent Exploits)
It occurs to me that this journal serves mostly as an editorial and otherwise publication-centric notice board these days, although I'm sure there are worse functions it could serve. My life's actually been more interesting in recent months than the silence would suggest; in no particular order, I've done the following things since the end of August:

* Written a poem with domparisien, which is out seeking a home.

* Moved into a Beacon Hill flat, which is filling with quirky chairs.

* Recovered enough to remember that I can, in fact, send out poetry subs.

(I have a Twitter account that I'm trying to use more. Add me; I'll add you back!)

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I had a feeling that things were looking better for you, and I'm glad to have confirmation. After all those aspera, a glimpse of astra at last.

If I'm not posting writing, I think the trouble is that I'm not sure what to talk about. Too much happens in a day, and I end up feeling overwhelming and not blogging about normal days at all. Things are better than they've been in a while, anyway :)

in no particular order, I've done the following things since the end of August

Those all sound like good things!

(Quirky chairs?)

Yes. There is the pair of armchairs from one of the antique/furniture places in Somerville, and then there is an odd wooden one I got off some hipster on Craigslist that made me think it might have been Danish, but in fact turns out to be from an Italian design furniture maker and costs about $700 (?!) when new. I shall take pictures and post them tomorrow!

I shall take pictures and post them tomorrow!

Please do! Especially the surprise Italian chair; I'm curious.

Here, have pics of it now

That's a really interesting-looking chair!

I get the feeling I'm seeing only half of the picture...

Ah, got the full thing with a left-click! Nice object.

Edited at 2013-09-21 06:47 pm (UTC)

Yes, the frames are somewhat confusing *facepalm*

Sometimes when life isn't being mentioned it's because things are moving rather quickly. Great to hear about the appartment and the poetry writing!

Quickly is definitely the adjective I'd choose!

Congratulations on the flat and the poetry! That sounds terribly exciting. My brother used to live in a basement apartment up on the Hill that I loved intensely - I think I was more sad about him leaving it than he was. It's a good place to be, and I'm glad to hear that you're getting settled. <3

What street was his apartment on? We're on South Russell Street; it's a first-floor flat, which, SCORE. Never had one of those before, and never want anything else ever again.

He lived on Bowdoin Street, right across from the Capital Building. Which I will never figure out how he managed, haha.

I know where South Russell Street is! It's really lovely right around there. :-) And first-floor must be wonderful. I'm so very happy for you!

Happy to hear you finally have your own space and perhaps a little more haven.

I sincerely hope this will signal an upturn in your fortunes. AT least the poetry is flowing and seems to be a lifeline.

Good for you!

May it only get better from here.

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