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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry sale!
One of my newer poems, "Ivy," will be appearing in Not One of Us #50. I've written very little [poetry] this year, so sales have been few and precious. Hoping to change that!

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(Deleted comment)
Well done! We'll be sharing a ToC, excellent.

It is most excellent indeed :)

*hugs, hopes the bees are fine*

Yes, thanks, they are-- I'm planning for a greenhouse of sorts to be built around the wild hive, to help through the winter.

"Ivy" will be appearing in either Not One of Us #50 or another issue of same in the very near future.


It was good of you to pass on that CFS!

(Deleted comment)
I have always liked NOoU especially. It's a marvelous zine.

Hoorah! I loved "Ivy" and am happy to hear it's found a home!

I thought it would be a hard one to place, to be honest.

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