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REMINDER: Current Strange Horizons reading period is half over!

This current reading period (June / July) is my third stint on duty thus far, and given that another of the poems I accepted in one of my first two passes has just been published, here's a recap:

List of titles and authors of my first-round acceptances

December interstitial acceptance courtesy of the fund drive

List of titles and authors of my second-round acceptances

Of the fourteen I've accepted, seven have already been published (keep in mind that it's currently about nine months from acceptance to publication):

"Heat and Sainthood," by Crystal Hoffman

"Schrödinger's Tree," by Madeline S. Burtenshaw

"Again, Pygmalion," by Stella Nickerson

"Maidenhead," by Adriana Tosun

"Air On a G String," by Jude Cowan Montague

"Wolf Daughter," by Sara Norja

"Castle Csejthe (Bathory)," by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

As the poems I've accepted (and continue to accept) come to publication, I'll make posts like these to highlight them. Go read these talented writers and give their verse some love! And, remember: if you'd like to submit while I'm reading, you have until Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59 PM to send your work. I've already seen more submissions than ever before, so give me a few weeks (say three to four) from your date of submission to respond.
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