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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Editing, DNA-test distraction, & fun with job interviews
Dark Mountain journal update: we're releasing two issues this year thanks to the unbelievable quantity of strong submissions we received. The first should be out within the next couple of months (I will, of course, announce it), and the second will appear sometime in the winter. Between that three-month haul and my current on-desk reading at Strange Horizons, I've had my hands full (to the point that I've had very little time to write, and I'm vaguely worried about this).

I finally had the spare change to test with 23andMe, and while the Ancestry Composition results aren't nearly as detailed as the health reports/inherited traits component (not even by half, considering the medical/traits content consists of nearly 300 different reports), I did learn that, with 4% of my DNA being Neanderthal in origin, I'm an outlier. Neat! I'm just enough of a genetics / heredity geek thanks to AP science classes in high school and to further science classes taken in college for this to be $99 very well spent.

Work-front update: as of tomorrow, I will have worked my way up through all of the interviews required to be considered on a permanent basis for the position I've been occupying as a temp since late April, so—fingers crossed! I'm hopeful.

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Damn, you are one smart cookie! I'm always fascinated to see what other pockets of academics you've studied/taken an interest in over the years! But DNA testing does sound neat! We know very little about either side of my family, so I'd be curious, too. (I'd also LOVE to have Tucker tested to see what kind of mix my little mutant is. But I've heard breed/dog testing is unreliable-ish. *shrug*)

Congrats on getting through the interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well. :)


Oh, wow, testing for one's pets - I hadn't thought of that! I bet there are places that do it, though. Given how much mixing dogs are capable of (well, just as much as humans, although as I understand it the variations they manage to spin off are more varied than any other species on earth), that would be absolutely fascinating.

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