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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Second poetry sale of 2013 & other forthcoming work:
"Cold Covers / Uncovered" will be appearing in a near-future issue of Niteblade, although I don't yet know which one. "Cold Covers" is a slightly older poem, which some of you might recognize, and "Uncovered" is a previously unpublished addendum written only just in February this year that completes the piece.

"Two Tongues," "Pushing Atlantis," and "Rigel" have been selected by my co-editors at Dark Mountain to appear in Book 4. I can't call this a sale, but what's notable about these pieces is that they're all from the commissions batch I wrote in February. Without the people who provided me the prompts (and payment), these poems would not exist.

It's been a rough year for me on the writing front: I haven't written a new poem since February, unless you count one draft about which I feel rather ambivalent.

On Monday, I started a three-month temporary intermediate-to-advanced administrative post in a student services department at one of Boston's major universities, which so far I'm enjoying so much I can't really adequately express the sentiment, and in which I hope very much I'll be able to remain. It's not the same kind of temp-to-permanent one usually gets; the temp is invited to apply along with external candidates for the post, which I obviously have done. I'm relieved that this employment has come along, but I won't be off my guard until such time as this job is secure for me in the long-term, if I'm so fortunate as to get it. As you know, thirteen solid months of submitting twenty job applications per week, seemingly to no end (for one that's relevant, anyway), has been harrowing, and I'm eager for that to end.

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Well done on the sale, Adrienne. I wish you luck with the job, too.

Congratulations on both sets of acceptances and the job!

Awesome! I knew that poem was going places!

Oh, wow! things are moving!
(my fingers instead will not, as they'll stay crossed until...)

Excellent news on both fronts! *hugs*

Wonderful news! I do hope the new position will lead to something more secure.

What wonderful news! I'll be crossing fingers, toes and eyeballs that the job goes permanent for you and the acceptance and admiration for your poems are hopefully a strong encouragement for you to get past your block.

Congratulations all round! And a huge hug!

Congrats on the sale! As you may guess, I'm thrilled to see Cold Covers getting published! (And a new addendum? Double hooray!) Also on the commission poems getting published--I'm so glad you did those!

I hope hope hope that job becomes stable for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed and wish and hope and dream for you!

Oh, and by the way: I miss you. ♥

I'm glad to hear you've got a job that you're enjoying. I also wish that the job will become a permant one for you.

if the job is anywhere i can assist with, let me know. :)

Congratulations on the sale and the job--that's such a relief. And I'll cross my fingers you get to keep the position.

Huzzah for the poetry sales. And, for having a job. Fingers crossed on it progressing well from here. *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Congratulations! Great news on the poetry and on your university post!

Congratulations on the poetry acquisitions and the job!

Oh, fab. Congratulations on the two acceptances, and congratulations on the new position. I hope, obviously, that they have the sense to make you permanent in it.


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