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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Catching up on LJ, probably failing in the attempt:
* Here are some extremely vital discussions on editorial address and gaze from Stone Telling editors shweta_narayan and rose_lemberg. Nota bene would be putting it too mildly.

* Rhysling nominations are out; I have two poems in the mix, one in the Short Poem category and one in the Long Poem category. To me, based on past precedent, this is rather unexpected. Thank you to the person or persons responsible! And best of luck to all nominees.

* I'm in the midst of reading Dark Mountain submissions. Overload.

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And good luck with all those submissions! Yikes!

(PS: Journeying arrived yesterday! It's gorgeous! It and the new, signed copies of your work are under protection in my room, on my desk. :D)

I would have liked to have got Pai to sign it, too, but she lives all the way out in CA. Once upon a time, she lived in the Boston area, too, and that would have been possible!

The art's gorgeous! It's a really amazing volume and I'm so glad to own one!
I'm just happy it went to you first so you could sign it! And to have signed copies of ALL your work now. :) I'm easily pleased. <3

Well, I can't sign the stuff that's been published online over time - but as far as everything that's in print, huh, I suppose you do have it all now! <3

I have nothing to say except hello! <3

And hello to you, too *hugs*

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