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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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After almost three years in the making, it's finally here!
erzebet of Papaveria Press has released a hand-bound miniature limited edition of my poem, "Journeying," which originally appeared in Mythic Delirium #20 (the one that was its Tenth Anniversary Issue and had a poem by Neil Gaiman in it). If you'd like to read the text of the poem in order to refresh your memory, it's also archived here.

This little book contains illustrations by Paige Zaferiou (twilightgardens), who is a longtime friend and creative colleague of mine. Of the 18 exemplars in this limited run, I believe only about 13 are still available at this point, so if you'd like a copy, strike quickly!

ETA, February 15th: I think there are only two or three copies left by now.

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Oh it's SO pretty.

*scowls* Trust this to finally be available NOW. I earmarked this, what, over a year ago? as something to buy myself. Typical that I am working for free right now.

I regret to say that optimegessit beat me to the purchase. But I'll make sure to acquire a copy nonetheless. My congratulations and warmest wishes

It is a creation of wonder. Congratulations!

Order placed! So beautiful. :)

Oh my, it's GORGEOUS! I can't wait for it!

Also, the description of you and it is wonderful!
...poem by Adrienne J. Odasso, who knows what a journey is... and And you read it, and realize there is nothing simple inside
So very true of you and your work! ♥

That looks like a truly gorgeous artifact. Congratulations!

How might I buy a copy before they all disappear, please???

And many congratulations!

You click the first link in the post, the one that reads " a hand-bound miniature limited edition of my poem, "Journeying," which originally appeared in Mythic Delirium #20" in dark-gold boldface. I'll also email you the link; I don't think they're all gone yet, but from what further copies I have absolute knowledge have sold (i.e. friends and family, the few who told me they ordered for sure) there may be in the range of five to nine of them left. I don't have exact numbers from Erzebet yet! I will also email you the ordering link directly.

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