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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Back from Arisia more or less in one piece!
(As per usual, my icon tells a completely different story.)

Arisia 2013 was fantastic! I sat on both speculative poetry panels (the group reading on Saturday @ 8:30 PM and the discussion session on Sunday @ 8:30 PM), got up to mischief of the plotting-things sort with cucumberseed, discussed my favorite medieval and early modern love stories (La Chanson de Roland, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Hamlet—don't look at me like that, of course these are love stories if you read from the right angle) with teenybuffalo, and generally did lovely things with Gill, leenah, skogkatt, sovay, and shadesong.

Thank you all for a most memorable weekend. I'll see you all at Readercon 24 in July (and you, firynze), if not sooner, and I will have Kaysha (eldanis) in tow.

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I'm glad you had such a great time! (Oh, and I sent someone your way regarding Hamlet. Much impressed.)

Readercon sounds amazing! I'm jealous of all you Northerners and the fun you have! (I checked the local arts calendar. No joke, the biggest upcoming events are a screening of a Madea movie and an exhibit of carved walking canes.)

(Who did you send my way? Well, in any case: I'll be ready for them.)

Arisia is amazing, and Readercon is spectacular (at least based on my experience of it last year). Boskone is in February, and I have never attended that one, so I'm considering scoping it out.

your package arrived today.

The tracking said it would, so thank goodness UPS was right for once!

(You are in the post above, but Fabianne is not. I don't think she's on LJ. But we'll have to tempt her...)

Those certainly are love stories! It makes perfect sense to me. A great number of things are - people just don't know how to see it.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, dear.

I did! Amidst a sea of suck otherwise, oh, I did.

don't look at me like that, of course these are love stories if you read from the right angle
Lol, madam is correct.

IT was wonderful to see you!

I'll contact you before week's end about the plan.

I approve of this plan *thumbs up*

Wonderful to see you, too!

I've been playing with the idea of going to ReaderCon, we should talk as it gets closer, see about carpooling or what not.

(I'd also love to get to Boskone as Heather Dale is the featured artist for the Saturday night concert, although as work allows, that is the only thing I'd be able to do, and I'm not sure how I feel about spending $50 on a ticket for one event. Shall see.)

Once Kaysha figures out what day she's flying in, I'll need to determine whether there's any transit that can get us there, or if we will, indeed, need to consider renting a car or somesuch. I'm hoping that won't be necessary, but if we either secure someone with a car or rent one, I'll let you know!

Glad to hear it went well!

Roland! Did I tell you of Orlando paladino, the gloriously silly operatic AU of an AU of the Roland story, which I saw at Drottningholm Theater in Sweden?

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