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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Hear ye, hear ye!
All thorns & no grace
After a month's closure, the Strange Horizons Poetry Department is once again open to submissions! We had a lovely holiday break.

I'm the on-duty editor this month, so send me things.

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Hypothetically, and I *do* at this point mean hypothetically, would one use your usual email address for submissions or do you have a special SH email for this?

Email submissions to: poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com

Thanks, love. Will see if I summon the courage to send you anything.

The earlier in the month you send, the better, and I'm saying this purely from the standpoint of pragmatism! I hope to see something from you.

Send them to poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com!

I might actually polish a few things and send them on. Scary, but worth trying!

Send them to poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com!

I might have a look through my things and see if there's anything remotely worth reading. It'd at least be comforting to have a familiar face behind the rejection! ;)

Please do! Send your subs to poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com.

Thank you for the heads-up! I shall peruse what I've gotten in the last month or so and see if something is ready to send out.

The guidelines page (http://www.strangehorizons.com/guidelines/poetry.shtml), though, is still saying closed to submissions...

We are not, in fact, closed. The webmaster was supposed to have updated it already (in fact, I saw an email confirming they had done so). Perhaps it's just a glitch! In any case, send your poems to poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com any time before the month if you'd like me to be the one reading them :)

Danke! I sent them back on the 5th, although I see now I put two into one email when I shouldn't have. I hope that isn't a problem, this time?

Not this time (I'm big on pardoning first offenses ;), but next time, be sure you do follow the instructions. I don't want anyone to be disregarded because they didn't follow the instructions!

According to the SH web site, the Poetry Department is still closed to subs -- or at least, there seems to be no way to submit.

Would love to send you something I've been saving!

Please send your poems to poetry[at]strangehorizons[dot]com any time before the end of the month! :)

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