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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Surfacing (however briefly) from the slush...
I know that discussion of editorial process differs from editor to editor: some give statistics updates and even mention the titles and authors of pieces accepted as they go along, whereas some don't discuss it much at all. While working with Paul and Dougald on the submissions that came in for Dark Mountain Issue 3 from autumn last year through spring this year, I talked about how impressed I was with the overall quality of submissions and how difficult our decisions were going to be (they were). So far this month for Strange Horizons, I've seen nearly 100 poems, and I'm told I'll see at least another 50 before the month is out. One thing I'm really trying to keep down is response-time; if I'm very certain I can't take a piece, the submitter will hear from me sooner than not. If I really like a piece but know that I still can't take it, I've been trying my best to suggest alternative venues to which the poet might send said piece. In any case, when the average total intake from month to month is 150-200 and you can only accept about six, that's difficult decision-making on a level at which my previous experiences at Dark Mountain had only hinted. More than anything else, I'm dazzled at the array of talented voices I've had the chance to read so far this month. Keep the verse coming (if not this month, then I'll read you in December)!

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Two hundred poems. Dear goodness.
Thank you for the insight into the process.

You're very welcome! :)

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