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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First reading period on duty!
All poetry submissions sent to Strange Horizons during the month of September are under my jurisdiction, as we alternate months between the three of us now comprising the department. We decided that letting people know when our individual reading periods are, as it were, is no bad thing; therefore, if you've been considering submitting poetry to the magazine and wouldn't mind it being considered on my watch, this month is your chance (and I expect, therefore, barring unforeseen changes, that December will be my next month in the rota). I'm only a few days into officially receiving submissions, and I enjoy reading what comes in immensely. So, you know what to do!

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Wow! You're working for Strange Horizons? That's so awesome!

On a side note, James gave me his email a while back so that I could consult him about a sword/knife fight scene I was writing, but I was having one of my 'Argh, can't deal with email!' phases and failed to follow through. I don't really see him on Twitter anymore so I was wondering if you could forward it to me, or ask him, to, if he's still willing. I'd really value his input.

DM on Twitter is probably the easiest private point of contact if you're not keen on posting it here.

He's @appliedhistory on Twitter, and email is warriorpoet234 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I do hope you'll consider submitting! :)

Ahh. Well, perhaps I will gather my courage then;)

Well, perhaps it might be time to submit to Strange Horizons... :)

...did you change icons on this, or have I just lost it?

I made this post from my BlackBerry, which doesn't let me choose which icon I want, so I came back and edited it once I had access to my laptop :)

Not Currently Going Insane! \o/

(Deleted comment)
Your prose in particular has grown by leaps and bounds these past couple years, so best of luck!

Between this and Dark Mountain, it's good to be editing again; I did it for both campus newspapers and literary magazines as an undergrad. I've missed it!

I just can't get over how cool it is that you're doing this. So excited for you.

I might bite the bullet and submit something, too. I've got to take a look around the website and see what I have that might work.

I've included a link to the Poetry guidelines for SH in the post above, so, yes, by all means have a poke around :)

A belated congratulations! This is so awesome!

(P.S. I took the bait and submitted. :P)

It's very exciting; as I said above, I've missed being an editor (did a lot of it as an undergrad), so SH and Dark Mountain have given me a bit of purpose in an otherwise very dark time.


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