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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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News I've been sitting on for a year: first fiction sale of 2012!
In February last year, when Steam-Powered 2 was hardly more than a twinkle in her eye, upstart_crow invited me to submit a story for the aforementioned second volume. I was thrilled, as there are few recent anthologies I love more than this particular series, so I jumped at the opportunity to say yes (even though I was kind of terrified).

And promptly hit a brick wall regarding what to write, until James, on our way out of seeing the National Theatre's (arguably) most talked-about production in recent years, said (and he was joking), "You should write a lesbian steampunk retelling of Frankenstein."

Needless to say, the idea thrilled me. So, that's what I did; however, through a strange set of circumstances, i.e. the story not quite fitting the tone of the rest of the SP 2 submissions, it got bumped over to SP 3, whenever it should happen to come along.

Well, I'm very pleased to be able to tell you now that said story, which is called "We Come Back Different," will, indeed, be appearing in Steam-Powered 3. I so rarely sell fiction longer than a few thousand words, so this means more to me than I can properly express (all thanks due to the marvelous upstart_crow, of course). And to the boy, obviously...

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That's great news, I can't wait to read it. :) (I was actually supposed to see that production via cinema today but I was too ill.)

Fantastic news! And a well-deserved success. :)

Congratulations! That's terribly exciting, and I cannot wait to read it.

Congratulations dear!

By the way, do you have a link to where one could find a copy of the collection either ebook or print?

Steam-Powered 3, the volume my story will be in, won't be published till early next year! However, the first two volumes, Steam-Powered and Steam-Powered 2, can be purchased via Amazon :)

Oh lovely. As soon as I'm able, I'll preorder the third. I can't wait to see what your short story is :)

Woo hoo!

Okay, I shamelessly admit that I am doing a lesbian stemapunk retelling of Pygmallion for, hopefully, the same series.

Wow! Congrats, m'dear!

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"You should write a lesbian steampunk retelling of Frankenstein."

I am intrigued, I want to get this volume too! And congratulations. :D

It sounds brilliant:) Kudos!

(Deleted comment)
Hurrah! Good news indeed!
I'll be putting this on my to-buy list.

a lesbian steampunk retelling of Frankenstein

Mazel tov!

Oh my, how exciting! Congrats! (And on the poetry sale as well!)

You'll give us more details as they come, right?

Congratulations! That sounds like an interesting story!

Congratulations! A lesbian steampunk retelling of Frankenstein sounds amazing.

Congrats! I am very intrigued by the notion of a lesbian steampumk retelling of Frankenstein.

lesbian steampunk version...? ... right... congrats! LOL, no, really, that's brilliant.

Oh, wonderful! congrats!

Well, doesn't *that* just have me on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

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