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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Travelogue: Worcester to Chicago
On Wednesday afternoon, I boarded an Amtrak train at Union Station in Worcester, MA and rode it the whole way to Union Station in Chicago, IL. The journey took twenty-two hours. I spent the first six to eight of those writing, after which point I spent a lot of time looking out the window, trying to sleep, and fending off the attempts at random, disjointed conversation by the harmless, yet very insistent aged gentleman in the seat next to me. I wonder if a) he was reading over my shoulder at any point, and b) if what he saw scandalized him.

I'm here in Chicago visiting Clare (ida_pea), who is one of my oldest friends, and who I get to see one day every couple of years if I'm very lucky (en route to Kalamazoo ICMS). I arrived yesterday morning at 9:30 AM. Most of yesterday was spent decompressing, but today we ran around Wicker Park and had lunch with shefa and bkwyrm. I got the new tattoo that I was meant to have got about two weeks ago (but which got postponed due to the ear infection and all of the medications I was on), plus nosed around a used bookstore and several very nice consignment shops.

This evening, Clare and I went with her husband to see Moonrise Kingdom. Mr. Clare wasn't so terribly enthusiastic, but she and I were quite charmed. I couldn't tell you why, but it made me think of The Adventures of Pete & Pete; maybe it's that sense of overblown importance that imaginative adolescents impart to just about everything.

I'm here till Sunday night, so if there's anyone around Chicago who wants to say hello...

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*hugs* I am so happy that you are doing alright, having fun with friends. I am not big in tatoos, but maybe there'll be a picture of that?

I'll post pictures, definitely, now that I'm back in MA :)


Glad your trip went well. :)

So glad you had a safe and productive (if slightly long!) trip and got to see your friend! It's always nice to catch up with those types of friends--the ones you don't see too often, but when you do, it's like nothing ever changed. :)

Congrats on the tattoo! I saw it on FB and it looks great--very you and fits with the rest that you have.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Chicago! <3

Four days on the ground, plus two whole days for the train trips there and back. Still, it's one of the best times I've had in ages, and I really need to look into whether train would be an option in coming down your way or not *hugs*

Isn't Amtrak crazy? It amazes me how they can turn a trip into an all day event!

Glad you had a good time!

I wish we had trains! I looked into it while I was in VA because there was actually a station in town there, but I think the closest was Birmingham (there might be one in New Orleans?) and the prices were OUTRAGEOUS for coming down here, oddly. I guess because not as many run this way, maybe?
I'll meet you eventually, though! Mission in life. <3

I'd love to say hello! I'll PM you.

I'm glad we managed to pull that off! :) And drop me a message re: you know, stuff, when we need to get rolling.

Argh,would love to say hello, but am busy this weekend. Perhaps next time you are in town...

I'll be trying to come back in the autumn if I'm able to do so!

(Deleted comment)
Hello! I got my hands on some Michigan honey while I was in Chicago. It's lovely :)

I'm a Chicagoan, as it happens, and I'd love to meet up. I've work today, but I'm free tonight or Sunday.

I'm in discussion with vulgarweed right now about a rendezvous somewhere on the Blue Line tomorrow for brunch/early lunch...would you be game for meeting up with me, my friend Clare, and vulgarweed, if we can get something sorted as far as time/place? :)

ETA: Rendezvous point is noon tomorrow (Sunday) at the California Avenue stop on the blue line. If you can make it, fantastic; if not, I will be sure to let you know when I'm next around!

In the station, on the platform, or just outside the stop? ;)

I'll be there, wearing a hat.

Let's say just outside the stop :) I'll have on a black hat with white roses embroidered on it, probably a black ankle-length sleeveless cotton dress. Blackwork tattoos on the undersides of both my forearms, plus a feather of ma'at tattoo on my left shoulderblade.

(Deleted comment)
Hope you have a great time! My family is in Chicago. Sadly, I am not. And Yay! Rail journey! There's something about train travel...

I do enjoy train travel, although 22 hours straight (twice in six days) has definitely put my enjoyment to the test ;)

T'was wonderful to meet you on Friday. *hugs

Have fun today! :)

*hugs* I'm so sorry that my trip was so rushed. If I'm able to come back in the autumn, which I'm already planning in theory, I'll budget more time for you ;)

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