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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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How is it that all I have to talk about right now is my ear?
There's been slow progress, but, four weeks and three antibiotics and a mess of drops later, I'm still a) no closer to being rid of it, and b) no closer to being referred to an ENT, because my MassHealth approval has been mysteriously delayed (and, yes, I called them to ask if they could rush it, but no dice; they get to it when they get to it).

Just going to sit here, listen to The Decemberists, and wait some more.

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(Oh, boo. I wonder what happened? Well, just remember: the poetry book I had you dig out is for you to keep, whereas the novel is the one I wanted sent over. Along with the BBT DVDs, I assume. My mother-in-law is excited!)

If I thought I'd be having ear problems a year on from the first round of ear problems, I'd have asked my GP to send me to an ENT before this exile debacle started...

Yes, novel. That's what I meant. It's too late at night... the DVDs were in there too. My brain is leaking. I miss you :*

I just wanted to make sure you hadn't mistakenly mailed the book of poetry, because that is for you <3 You'll have to tell me what you think of Glück's work. No rush, of course! I'm much more fond of her earlier work than her later work, as a rule (and the collection I gave you does, in my mind, count as early enough).

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