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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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How is it that all I have to talk about right now is my ear?
There's been slow progress, but, four weeks and three antibiotics and a mess of drops later, I'm still a) no closer to being rid of it, and b) no closer to being referred to an ENT, because my MassHealth approval has been mysteriously delayed (and, yes, I called them to ask if they could rush it, but no dice; they get to it when they get to it).

Just going to sit here, listen to The Decemberists, and wait some more.

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I wonder if stress is making it worse :/ I'm sorry to hear you're still dealing with it, ear things are the worst. *hugs*

Stress probably is making it worse.

Oh, man, that sounds seriously not fun. I don't mean to be alarmist, but after four weeks, I wonder if it's more than just a simple infection. I guess there's no point in speculating until you're referred to somebody, though. In any case, I hope that referral happens soon and that this all gets sorted and you get better.

I have a theory that's grounded in observations of, well, what's going on in my ear, but I'd hate to be called a hypochondriac when really all I've done is do better homework than the silly NP who's been trying to treat me :-P

I can't believe you haven't got to see the specialist yet. :( So sorry to hear that the ear is still being a pain. *hugs*

Still no MassHealth approval in the mail today. I'm hoping it comes tomorrow, i.e. before my Thursday morning clinic appointment, so they can finally do the referral.

Oh, no... (***makes XL-wishes***)


Perhaps I just need to eat more honey, or red chillies, or...

Don't know, honestly.

I'm just starting a jar of almond honey. It's surprising: dark like chestnut, but crystallized; scent rather bland, but strong, surprisingly *hot* flavour, with long aftertaste. Not to use for sweetening tea...

No, from the sound of things, not suitable for tea! By the by: that dog-rose honey you had mentioned, do you know if more of it's available wherever you got it (or elsewhere)? If so, tell me how much to PayPal you for a jar; my curiosity is still getting the better of me. Any honey containing rose nectar becomes a must on my try-list...

I'll have a chance to try and find more the day after tomorrow. I hope I'll be lucky... I'll e-mail you =)

Ugh, so sorry you're still dealing with that ear! I hope your referral comes through ASAP. *hugs*

Anyone who thinks Britain's bureaucracy is bad should try navigating US bureaucracy. Ugh.

All that treatment is surely no fun, but then to still have it hanging around? Yuck. I hope things start to clear soon, or you at least hear some word on...well, pretty much any of the things you have out right now, but especially the healthcare!

I guess life and work otherwise is carrying on as usual? ♥

Yes. Life and work and whatnot is carrying on as usual, if this weird limbo I'm in can in any way be considered usual.

*tight hugs*

(BTW my parcel of your poetry book was apparently wrong somehow as it's come back here. I shall send again...)

(Oh, boo. I wonder what happened? Well, just remember: the poetry book I had you dig out is for you to keep, whereas the novel is the one I wanted sent over. Along with the BBT DVDs, I assume. My mother-in-law is excited!)

If I thought I'd be having ear problems a year on from the first round of ear problems, I'd have asked my GP to send me to an ENT before this exile debacle started...

Yes, novel. That's what I meant. It's too late at night... the DVDs were in there too. My brain is leaking. I miss you :*

I just wanted to make sure you hadn't mistakenly mailed the book of poetry, because that is for you <3 You'll have to tell me what you think of Glück's work. No rush, of course! I'm much more fond of her earlier work than her later work, as a rule (and the collection I gave you does, in my mind, count as early enough).

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