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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Living is slow business.
Ear situation: the infection itself seems to be mostly gone, but there's still the problem of my (lack of) hearing. I'm going back to the clinic for a third time on Tuesday, and I'm desperately hoping the final approval on my MassHealth will come through by then, as that's what's prevented the nurse practitioner (who's doing the best she can with a bad situation) from referring me straight to an ENT. I miss the NHS so much it's unbearable. I'd have been referred to a specialist by now. I should have been seeing one from the very beginning.

The full-time post at the museum, after three weeks of deliberation on their part, went to somebody else. Which is just as well, given I'm still waiting to hear from the antiquarian-book guys (the latter is a better job). Still, it's one more thing to make me feel more than a little crushed. Three weeks of juggling a mutant ear bug with lots of waiting piled on top...

I'll keep hoping everything comes through. It's the power of belief that you should get a break from the universe, you are long overdue. *hugs*

*hugs* I'll wait and hope that's true.

Oh god, I hear you about missing the NHS. Two years on and I still don't have coverage here. :( I hope they sort you out soon! :(

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Ugh, what an awful situation :( You too!

I hope things clear up for you soon and flow smoother! I'm beginning to think there's something going awry among the stars...or at least some hard conjunctions.

Keep going!

The hard conjunctions have been going on for quite some time now for me and mine...

Thank you *hugs*

Ear issues are so scary :( I'm glad there's some improvement, at least. I hope the lack of hearing is just the ear coping, or something.

I'm sorry to hear the job situation is still being a stress-inducer. Do you have a deadline by which you should hear from the antiquarians?

I'm having one of my I-can-hear! days, so that's something, at least.

The antiquarians said they'd be in contact at the end of May.

I'd have been referred to a specialist by now. I should have been seeing one from the very beginning.

Healthcare in this country is a conversation that will take me straight from neutral to violent in picoseconds. I'm glad at least the infection is gone.



Well, not gone, as it turns out...but at least less painful for the time being. That's the only thing I can count a major victory at this point.


I really hope your ear gets better soon and you start to hear again!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on all fronts, girl. <3

Thank you, hon *hugs* I'm wishing for you, too.

Hoping you can see someone very soon, and you hear from the perfect job.


Well, they're having a doctor take a look at me at my next follow-up, as opposed to the rather dozy NP who's kind of botched my treatment thus far :-P

So sorry to hear you are still deep in a very hard situation on every turn.

Forgive that I've not even had an opportunity myself to read and comment on your new GO fiction (since I normally pounce on it with cries of rapture) especially since I'm among the fans of COS.

Can only send virtual hugs and wish I could give them in person.

May the universe give you a decent break soon!

Well, when you finally do get around to reading it, I hope you enjoy it *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* Don't worry about it.


I never know what to say when members of my flist are having a rough time. It's not like I can reach over and give them a hug. And anything I can think to say sounds so trite.

:: HUGS YOU ::

I hope you feel better soon.

:: Sending you Nicholas and Danny plushies stat ::

I've been watching Hot Fuzz a lot, unsurprisingly...

You are always in my thoughts. *hugs*

I hope that you hear some good news ASAP and your health concerns are sorted out to your satisfaction.

I'm going through some health problems now, which is sadly making me almost glad I left the US and the backwards attitude to many people there have towards health care.

The US is not a good country to be unhealthy in :(

The US and their healthcare system baffles me. Utterly. But hey, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this, and I hope it resolves itself soon. Hang in there!

Thanks, dear. It baffles me, too - and I grew up here :(