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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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If only pulling a Van Gogh would solve my problem!
It seems that the three ear infections I endured almost exactly a year ago, all in quick succession, were not sufficient. Something happened on either my flights out to Vegas or the subsequent drive across the border into Utah; in any case, the result is that I returned to Massachusetts on Monday with what seemed to be a burst eardrum in full, infected swing. The antibiotics my father gave me made no difference, so I ended up in a medical clinic yesterday morning, and one look in my left ear showed them that the canal was completely swollen shut (hence my almost complete loss of hearing). They couldn't even see my eardrum, so they inserted a wick, sent me away with a second type of antibiotics and ear drops, and told me to come back Tuesday, at which point they'll remove the wick hopefully be able to make a more accurate diagnosis. In the meantime, the wick and infection combined are driving me mad. I can't sleep for the throbbing.

In other, happier news, you should purchase these most excellent anthologies from rose_lemberg, as I have poems in them, along with tithenai, sovay, cafenowhere, samhenderson, alankria, alexa_seidel, domparisien, snakey, and many other formidably talented writers:

P.S. Almost forgot, the following, Mandragora, recently released by Scarlet Imprint, contains two poems from me, plus numerous other poems and essays to dazzle the senses, and is undoubtedly one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOLUMES YOU WILL EVER OWN:

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Feel better soon.

But! Awesome books! :-D

Yes, I see... (checks money situation... Hmm... BRB...)

In the meantime, the wick and infection combined are driving me mad. I can't sleep for the throbbing.

Heal fast.

Working on it. There's already some itching creeping into the mix, and I take that as a good sign.

There's already some itching creeping into the mix, and I take that as a good sign.

I don't know why that turned into a poem, but here you go.

How many of our mirrors are the dead,
casting back from the graveside
what we practiced on them in life?
Guilt gnaws in the ear like henbane,
the green ache of a long-knit wound
still sullen to the touch as coming storms.
Claudius in his blood-bought bride-bed
dreams of his wife and the bone-raking scrawl of steel,
writhing like old Jutland's Loki
under the poison his ghost drips nightly in his ear,
that low, chill whisper, an armored gauntlet at his throat:
brother, as I am, so you will be,
murdered, fire-bound, beyond philosophy.

Oh, poor soul!!! As a victim of excruciating earaches in childhood, I can empathize all too well. Feels like there's no escape from it, doesn't it? Have you tried warm heat?

Be pain free as soon as possible!!!

Warmth helps a little, yes, as do cool stones (well, a cool stone; I keep pressing a small shiva lingam to the back of my ear/neck), oddly enough.

Thank you. And you may find something to keep you occupied in the other place I regularly ramble, by way of thanks ;)

I never had ear trouble as a child, but I've had my fair share as I've gotten older. But definitely nothing that bad.

I DO hope you start to feel better VERY VERY soon and are able to get some rest and function normally! I hate when my people aren't well.


I had a lot of trouble when I was very young, and then was blissfully free of issues until the past year or so :-P No idea why I've had a resurgence.

I can't wait to read them myself!

Hope the treatment works. That last volume reminds me of something The Folio Society would produce - lovely.

Scarlet Imprint's books are even lovelier than FS editions, IMHO. I can't believe they do it so consistently...

Poor you! I hope you have speedy healing! That is a gorgeous book binding.

As are most of the books they put out, gah.

Ay, how horrible! I hope your ear gets better soon.

But those books do indeed look amazing! I've been eyeing the first two and will try to get them as soon as I can money-wise.

Curious how, just when you can't hear well, your voice becomes heard far and wide through your poems.
Congratulations for the latter and my very best wishes for the former!

I can't imagine what it feels like to have a wick in your ear but the whole situation is awful. I really hope the antibiotics help you out and fast.

Now it's itching so badly it's almost as bad as it was when it was just pain. I wish I didn't have to wait till Tuesday for them to remove this thing :-P

Best wishes for fast healing! Hope you feel better pronto.

On the other hand, congratulations on the published works. ^_^


I hope you get well soon! ear trouble is horrid.

*admires the beautiful books*

Ouch! I hope your ear is better. And the book is gorgeous.

...it's not quite, unfortunately. And thank you :)

I'm on the way, finally! :)

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